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(Part 19)


January 3, 2016
Today’s reading: Psalm 72:1-13

“For he rescues the poor when they cry out,
the oppressed who have no one to help.
He shows pity to the needy and the poor
and saves the lives of the poor.”
(Ps 72:12-13)

Oftentimes the poor “have no one to help.” But justice demands that instead, there should be no one in need. Well, there will be no one in need if there will be enough of those who will help. This is a major part of our work, to help build the Church of the Poor. In living and sharing Christ, Catholics must look to the material needs of the poor.

Now among the poorest of the poor are those who are prisoners for life. For most of them, they have lost their freedom, their families and their future. We in CFC-FFL and LCSC have seen the face of such poverty in the Maximum Security Compound of the National Bilibid Prison (Max-NBP). There we have 1,781 brethren who have gone through our renewal programs and most of whom attend regular assemblies. Here they worship, do Bible study, and undergo continuing formation.

In addition, we have 65 brethren at the Medium Security Compound, 260 in the Correctional for Women, as well as many others in city and municipal jails throughout the country. For example, last year in the diocese of Paranaque, we had 602 inmate-participants in our LCSs.

Our goal is to be involved in every city and municipal jail in the nation, and in particular, to reach 10,000 inmates at Max-NBP by 2021. That is a lot of work! Now given the sorry physical condition of our brethren in these facilities, we also provide material goods. Not very much, as our finances are very limited. As of now, aside from donations of goods every now and then, we budget 100 pesos per month per prisoner. That is a pittance for them. But it adds up for us.

This is where G10K (Gideon 10,000) comes in. This is our fundraising for our prison ministry, started in May 2014, with the goal of getting donors to donate 100 per month per prisoner, up to 10,000 prisoners by 2021. By October of 2014, there were 166 donors covering 825 inmates (one can donate for more than one inmate).

These donors came from the following countries:

Australia -- 1
Austria -- 1
Canada -- 53
China -- 2
Philippines -- 22
Singapore -- 8
Thailand -- 7
USA -- 72

As the work is growing, I ask the 166 above to continue with their support, even as I thank them for helping set the captives free. But we need more supporters. We right now already have 1,781 inmate-brethren but only cover financial support for 825. Will my other brethren in CFC-FFL and LCSC stand with us in this work?

Please (1) let me know directly by email (, (2) tell me what district/province and country you are from, (3) indicate how many prisoners you are supporting (one or more), and (4) remit your contribution to:

Bank: Allied Bank, EDSA Extension Branch, EDSA Extension Corner Loring St., Pasay City
Account Name: LCSC
Account Number: 001631 - 00973 - 7
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM

I request that this be a continuing commitment on your part, until such time that you inform me you will no longer participate in this particular work. I ask the leaders in the loop to disseminate this appeal down the line to all of our members worldwide, but also to their friends or other contacts. It is a work critical to the New Evangelization.

You know that for the larger work of LCSC, we have G300, which seeks 300 donors of 1,000 pesos per month. Perhaps you cannot afford 1,000. Can you part with 100? Even if you do not have much, this is your opportunity to help someone even materially poorer than yourself.

I am confident the Lord will bless us all as we do more for His mission of bringing glad tidings to the poor. This is what the New Evangelization and the work of this third millennium are about.

This is the Year of Mercy. Who is the person who exhibits mercy? It is one who “shows pity to the needy and the poor.” It is one who becomes an instrument of the Lord’s salvation, one who “saves the lives of the poor.” This is our great opportunity. And it is our privilege, to help those least of his brethren whom Jesus directly identifies with.

Have a blessed and Spirit-filled new year. And please do your share in bringing glad tidings to the poor.

* * *

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