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(Part 24)


January 9, 2014

The LCSC movement intends to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization, in response to the Church call to the New Evangelization. Its banner program is the Life in Christ Seminar (LCS), intended for participants to have a personal encounter with Christ (to meet Christ), and thus get them started on living the way of Christ. The LCS proclaims the full gospel, but is still just the very initial first step in the continuing process of evangelization. As a work of the parish, LCS graduates are to be integrated in the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) and hopefully also join groups and ministries and services within the parish.

LCSC also provides continuing programs and formation, as and if desired by the parish priest. Its 4 banner pillars are (1) Live Pure (youth chastity), (2) Live the Word (Liturgical Bible Study), (3) Live Life (pro-life advocacy), and (4) Live Full (the No One in Need movement). Further, LCSC has many formation programs that can be made available to the parish.

In connection with what Pope Francis says about BECs, LCSC provides precisely what is needed.

  • “new evangelical impulse” -- LCSC is into rapid and massive evangelization, intended to reach every lapsed Catholic down to the grassroots.
  • “the renewal of the Church” -- LCSC helps Catholics to meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ, which make up the fullness of life as a Christian. It does not compete with other parish programs or groups, and can actually be the tie that binds everyone to a common work of evangelization and renewal.
  • “Evangelization is a responsibility for all Christians” -- LCSC brings Catholics to share Christ, to participate in the work of proclaiming the gospel. Every Catholic becomes an evangelizer.
  • “greater knowledge of the Word of God” -- The Liturgical Bible Study (LBS) provides a practical but effective way of sharing the gospel, within the context of small groups and families. It helps prepare children to appreciate the gospel on the following Sunday.
  • “social commitment” -- The No One in Need (NON) movement does a holistic work of building communities among the poor of the parish, involving renewal of faith, shelter, health, education, livelihood and values formation. NON communities become natural physical BECs.
  • “new lay services and education in faith for adults” -- LCSC offers many teachings and formation modules on many aspects of faith, family, life and work with the poor.
  • “work within the context of local parishes” -- LCSC is a work owned, operated, overseen, pushed by the parish. It is not an outside group or movement that is serving in the parish, but is of, by and for the parish.
  • “under the direction of the hierarchy” -- LCSC, wherever it is established, is approved and overseen by the bishop through his priests. It is right in line with the thrusts of the Church, especially in responding to the New Evangelization.


'Base communities' offer instrument for evangelization, Pope writes

In a message to the 13th Inter-ecclesial Meeting of the Basic Ecclesial Communities, Pope Francis said that the small groups should show “a new evangelical impulse and the capacity to relate to the world for the renewal of the Church.”

Evangelization is a responsibility for all Christians, the Pope wrote in his message. He recalled the Latin American bishops’ statement, issued at a meeting in Aparecida, Brazil, that indicated base communities could be an instrument for promoting ““greater knowledge of the Word of God, social commitment in the name of the Gospel, the appearance of new lay services and education in faith for adults.”

The Pope’s message to the meeting, which is being held this week in Brazil, cautioned that the basic ecclesial communities should work within the context of local parishes, under the direction of the hierarchy.

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