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(Part 44)


July 30, 2014

On July 29 Pope Francis visited the Pentecostal Church of the Reconciliation in Caserta, Italy. Below are some of his remarks. While the pope was looking to ecumenism, in this case taking off from his relationship with a Pentecostal pastor, he touched on principles that are also relevant to the situation within our Catholic Church. And in effect, he also touched on principles we hold dear in LCSC.


“I don’t understand a Christian who stands still! I don’t understand a Christian who doesn’t walk. A Christian must walk ... because that which is still, that does not move ahead, becomes corrupt. Like still water, which is the first to become stagnant. ... There are Christians who confuse walking and moving ahead with moving around. These, instead, are errants who saunter here and there; these are people who lack parrhesia, the boldness to go ahead; they lack hope.”
We must continue moving forward in our mission. We cannot remain sipping our piña coladas at the country club. We cannot just go around in circles within our comfortable community environment, but miss out on the challenges and hardships of going forth on mission. We cannot be afraid of the creativity the Holy Spirit brings, in giving us LCSC.

“When we walk in God’s presence, we find brotherhood. When instead we stop, we scrutinize each other too much, and we set out on another path, that of gossip. ... And in this way it begins, from the first moment the division of the Church began.”
When we lose our focus on the mission, we end up looking at each other and becoming critical. Indeed we all have faults. It is easy enough to find them (of course we miss the plank in our own eyes). We gossip, we criticize unjustly, we malign, we dissent, we stoke discontent. We cause division. For its part, LCSC gathers the brethren, focuses us on the crucial task of evangelization, and goes on to assault the one enemy.

“From the very beginning there has been this temptation in the Christian community. ‘ I am from this group, you are from that one,’ ‘No! I am the Church, you are a sect,’ and so on.”
LCSC offers its methodology of evangelization to the whole Church, and seeks to harness the efforts of all parishioners in a common effort. There is no competition among Church groups. There is no identification as to particular groups or ministries but only the parish identity and the Church movement that is LCSC. All parishioners, who may be members of different groups, are welcome to participate in the LCSC mission.

“The Holy Spirit creates diversity in the Church ... diversity, rich and beautiful. But, at the same time, the Holy Spirit creates unity, and so the Church is one in her diversity.”
LCSC recognizes the richness and diversity of what the parishes offer. It is a rich banquet at the table. However, the great majority of Catholics, who are lapsed, are not aware of this, or not interested, or are already partaking of much lesser feasts in the world or in other sects and cults. LCSC focuses on the initial proclamation of the gospel, looking to bring lapsed Catholics back to God and back to the Church. Once there, they can partake of the banquet. The different parish groups, programs, ministries, etc., can work together in LCSC, which can be the thread that weaves unity in the diversity of the parish.

* * *

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