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(Part 90)


November 11, 2015
Today’s reading: Wisdom 6:1-11

Servant leaders are those who have been designated by God to care for His people and to lead others in doing His work in the world. As such, they are given authority, position and power. These are not to be used according to how the world uses them. So we need to hear and listen to God how we are to act. “Give ear, you who have power over multitudes and lord it over throngs of peoples!” (v.2).

How should we look upon and understand our call to servant leadership?

First, since we are doing divine work, the very work of God, caring for God’s flock, proclaiming the very salvation of Jesus, then we are accountable and will be judged according to our work. “Because authority was given you by the Lord and sovereignty by the Most High, who shall probe your works and scrutinize your counsels!” (v.3). So be careful of what you say and do. Do not be guided by your fallen human wisdom, but by the wisdom of God. Thus be prayerful, read and study the Bible, and be formed by Church and community teachings. This way you can increase the chances that you will be a good and faithful servant, “for those in power a rigorous scrutiny impends.” (v.8).

Second, because you stand in for and represent Jesus himself, you will be judged accordingly. If you willfully neglect the formation and counsel provided you, if you give dishonor to the Master, if you betray his trust, “terribly and swiftly he shall come against you, because severe judgment awaits the exalted” (v.5). How should we act as “ministers of his kingdom” (v.4a)?

  • One, we must “walk according to the will of God” (v.4d). We must walk along the narrow path of righteousness and grow in holiness, striving for perfection unto the Father. Hard as this is, the grace of God is sufficient. “For those who keep the holy precepts hallowed will be found holy” (v.10a).
  • Two, we must “keep the law” (v.4c). We must obey all God’s commands. This includes Jesus’ commission to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth. We must read, study and meditate on the Bible, the very word of God, in order to know God’s instructions. “Desire therefore my words; long for them and you will be instructed.” (v.11).
  • Three, we must “judge rightly” (v.4b). We must grow in divine wisdom, versus the wisdom of the world, so that we can give good counsel, have right discernment, and properly care for the flock. This way we will know how to act in our task, as “those learned in them will have ready a response.” (v.10b).

Third, Jesus starts us off with small responsibilities and then gives us greater ones (perhaps first as CLS facilitator, then Household Servant, then Chapter Servant or higher). As we are learning, God is more lenient with us. But as God gives us more, we stand correspondingly accountable. “For the lowly may be pardoned out of mercy but the mighty shall be mightily put to the test.” (v.6). Even with the difficulties, sufferings and trials that we will experience, God allows these in stages. God will not test us beyond our strength. But God will hold us accountable for the gifts, graces, anointing and empowerment that He gives us. God knows where we are, and acts accordingly, “because he himself made the great as well as the small, and provides for all alike” (v.7b).

It is a great privilege to be called to serve as servant leaders. If we understand God’s ways and the nature of His call, then we need not be disappointed, sulk, give up, rebel, or fall away. “To you, therefore, O princes, are my words addressed that you may learn wisdom and that you may not fall away.” (v.9).

* * *

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