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(Part 98)


January 27, 2016

We have 7 Core Values, which we are basically trying to live out. Though we still have a long way to go in truly becoming the people God wants us to become (holy and perfect, and living out our calling), we have gone a long way since the restoration of 2007. But there is one Core Value that leaves much to be desired, and that is Servant Leadership.

1) Centered on Christ.

Our spirituality is firmly established. We have the needed formation programs. We have seen the call to holiness and Christian perfection. We have the way to pass on the faith to the next generations.

2) Evangelistic and missionary.

From the very start, this has been what we are supposed to be. This intensified at the start of the 1990’s, as we embarked on rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization. This has taken on a new dimension, since 2011, as the Lord gave us LCSC.

3) Focused on the family.

A special call to CFC has been to witness to marriage and family life. We have our Family Ministries that provide the so-called “womb-to-tomb” family renewal ministry. After almost 35 years, there are many who have experienced the blessing of seeing their children and children’s children come into a life in Christ.

4) Being community.

CFC-FFL is a community of brethren and co-workers. Through the years we have had many inputs on community life. We have our pastoral support in households, assemblies and other significant events. We are committed to living out our covenant.

5) Living a preferential option for the poor.

Since the turn of the millennium, we have added this basic dimension of what is important to Jesus (his very own mission) and to our Church, which seeks to build the Church of the Poor. This is now one of our three core works (the others being evangelization and family renewal). This work is embodied in the No One in Need (NONe) movement.

6) Exercising servant leadership.

This is where we sorely fall short. Just like many in the Church, many of our brethren and leaders still do not fully understand what is servant leadership. Many do not fully embrace the crucial virtues of humility, obedience, self-denial and embrace of the cross. If we did, there would be no strife, disunity or division, as all would just focus on serving Christ according to Jesus’ own way of servanthood.

7) Being a servant to the Church.

Though a number of our brethren have been serving in their parishes and other Church organizations, though we did intensify our involvement in parishes at the restoration of 2007, it is only with LCSC that we begin to fully realize what this Core Value is about, including the call to self-denial and just total self-giving. It is servant leadership within the context of work for the larger Church.

I have written a new book, “40 Days to Servant Leadership.” It has 40 teachings or reflections, all based on the Bible. It will help you greatly to become the Christian whom God calls you to become, and to carry on His work as you serve. It is intended for all, and especially for servant leaders.

If we are to attain to the destiny God intends for us, and be a relevant part of the wave of the Spirit during these exciting but challenging times in this third millennium, we need to understand God’s view of servanthood. And live it out.

I thank all those who have really given of themselves. The book is dedicated to you, “To all leaders who know their place, serving as the last and the lowest.”

* * *

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