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(Part 110)


November 14, 2015

Cardinal Danneels, a top liberal among liberal prelates, tells the African bishops, who are faithful to Christ and to the Church Magisterium, to “steer clear of all forms of triumphalism.” No, Cardinal Danneels, what the African bishops are proclaiming is not triumphalism but orthodoxy.

Cardinal Danneels laments the statement of African bishops that in effect calls Christians including bishops in the West pagans. Well, someone has to say it. You indeed are pagans, who no longer teach the authentic teachings of Jesus, who have ravaged the gospel as you have embraced the culture of death.

Cardinal Danneels remembers Belgium being full of vocations. Yes, that is precisely what we lament. The Christian nations of Europe, who helped spread the faith, are the ones now rejecting authentic faith in Christ and who are spreading the errors of Modernism.

Cardinal Danneels asks whose fault it was that the faith in Europe dwindled? Your fault, Your Eminence. You embraced the culture of the world. You embraced political correctness. You accommodated sin in the guise of mercy.

Cardinal Danneels heaps scorn on the thought that “robust” churches (like in Africa) would save the rest of Catholicism. Well, yes, Your Eminence, that is exactly what they can do. They are still living out authentic faith, and they can help show the way back to authentic faith for Europe, which you are already failing to proclaim.

Cardinal Danneels says the time will come when secularization and individualism will come to Africa as they did in Europe. Yes, that is exactly what we are afraid of. That is exactly why the African bishops do not want to commit the mistakes that European prelates did. That is exactly why they want to proclaim and live out authentic faith in the here and now, and resist such secular humanism and Modernism from the Western world.

Finally, in a bit of sarcasm, Cardinal Danneels says that when such a time comes, “Then they might call us up to see how we dealt with it. To get some useful tips.” We already know how Europe dealt with it. So now we know what not to do. Thanks for the useful tips.


‘Steer clear’ of triumphalism, Belgian cardinal tells African bishops

November 13, 2015

In an interview with La Stampa’s Vatican Insider, Cardinal Godfried Danneels directed pointed words to bishops in Africa.

Advising “everyone to steer clear of all forms of triumphalism and claims to self-sufficiency,” the retired archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels said:

Some African bishops tell us: you are pagans. You wiped everything out. But I remember Belgium being full of vocations, there were huge seminaries and novitiates being built up until the 60s. Christian families did everything they could to give their children a sense of belonging in the Church.

But we started seeing the faith dwindling in boys and girls aged 17-20. This wounded them it caused great suffering. Is it right to say it was their fault and that the parents were not good Christians? No, that’s not the case. The act of becoming Christians and persevering in the faith remains a mystery and is not the result of some educational or sociological mechanism. It seems to me that all the talk about “robust” Churches that should save the rest of Catholicism, is for the purpose of ecclesiastical politics. The abstractness of it is striking.

Cardinal Danneels added:
European Churches have been overrun by the effects of secularization that have also led to rising individualism. But this very individualism could reach Africa sooner or later: that phenomenon that sees people thinking of themselves as individuals rather than as members of a group, a community, or a mass. It is possible that the crisis we have had will spread there too, with all that this entails. Africans may also experience a situation similar to ours. Then they might call us up to see how we dealt with it. To get some useful tips.


  • Church reform and Francis’ “apostolic sufferings” (Vatican Insider)

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