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(Part 27)


February 12, 2015
Readings on Feb 10-12: Genesis 1:20-2:25

The assaults against faith, family and life are the work of the devil. His human instruments have tried to make its diabolical nature palatable to an unsuspecting world, by couching it in seemingly neutral, politically correct terms, such as “reproductive health,” “women’s rights” and “gender ideology.”

Now those liberals within our Church of course cannot use these terms which have been exposed as part of the overall package of the anti-life, anti-family, homosexualist camp. So what are our Church liberals, including some bishops, now using? “Mercy and compassion.” Now let me be quick to say that we should indeed speak of and live out mercy and compassion, as these are very Christ-like virtues. But just so we do not get sidetracked, we also need to look at divine truth.

What is the truth? What did God establish from the very beginning?

“male and female he created them.” (Gn 1:27b). So there are only two sexes­male and female. LGBT (and all the other variations) is contrary to God’s plan. Same-sex unions or marriage is an abomination. Those liberals who extol love and commitment of couples in a homosexual relationship are extolling virtues but outside the right context. They find virtue in sin. It is like extolling the bravery and self-sacrifice of Islamic extremists who blow themselves up and murder countless people especially innocents.

“Be fertile and multiply” (Gn 1:28b). Marriage is not just about love but also about procreation. So cohabitation and contraception are contrary to God’s plan. Today’s liberal society is increasingly focused on the love aspect (read: sex) and no longer on the procreative aspect.

“That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife and the two of them become one body.” (Gn 2:24). So divorce is contrary to God’s plan. Jesus himself restates the truth: “So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” (Mt 19:6). But aren’t the liberals just wanting to give communion to the separated and divorced? Perhaps. Though that might be the Catholic equivalent of the slippery slope leading ultimately to acceptance of divorce.

What are today’s modernists trying to do? They are trying to overturn divine truth. They are in effect making man the center rather than God. They are willing to set aside (with a wink) God’s truth for the sake of a sentimental humanism. They are eating the fruit of “the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” (Gn 2:17a). What is that? This tree signifies moral autonomy, mere humans deciding what is right and just and true, apart from God’s instructions. This tree signifies control over morality (symbolized by “good and evil”), declaring bad as good, accepting immorality under the cover of mercy and compassion, no longer leading sinners to the one moral choice of repentance. This tree signifies an overthrowing of God’s dominion over humankind, a rejection of the attendant limits on human freedom.

What are the modernists in effect saying? If you are in love then go ahead and live in (perhaps later you will get married). If you are of the same sex in an intimate relationship, as long as you are faithful, then it is OK, as faithfulness is an admirable virtue. If you have turned your back on your sacramental covenant in marriage and have entered into a non-sacramental marriage, you can still receive the body and blood of Jesus, because mercy trumps righteousness.

Let the modernists of our Church, including bishops, be warned. “From that tree you shall not eat; when you eat from it you shall die.” (Gn 2:17b).

* * *

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