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(Part 107)


December 17, 2014

CFC was raised by God to be an evangelistic and missionary community. In 1989 we decided to embark on rapid and massive evangelization. In the decade of the 1990s we experienced massive growth, doubling our membership from year to year in the mid-1990s. Membership reached its peak at 1.24M in 2001. By early 2007 CFC was already in 160 countries.

All these were just a precursor to even more massive evangelization that was to come, and has come. In 2011 we launched LCSC, to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization. Our goal in the Philippines is to reach 10M Catholics with the gospel by 2021. That still would just be a fraction of the 70.5M lapsed Catholics (100M Filipinos x 86% Catholic x 82% not regularly going to Mass), or the 85M lost sheep (86M Catholics x 99%), just in the Philippines. By 2021, with parish teams trained, the rest can be reached in a few years, with massive work also launched in other countries.

Everything starts with vision. Without vision a people perish. Without appreciating the vision, God's people cannot adapt themselves to the work that God intends to do. Vision is about taking on God's mind, about seeing the landscape with God's eyes, about having God’s heart for the lost sheep. Vision is followed by commitment to the vision. Such vision + commitment necessitate not being afraid, not doubting, not holding back, not being comfortable, not being contentious, not persisting in dissent, not being half-hearted. Vision + commitment necessitate being single-minded, looking at the one enemy (the evil one), working at unity in community, being self-sacrificial, rejoicing in the cross.

The necessary foundation has already been laid. In 2013 we saw what needs to happen to people. They need to BE.LI.EV.E! All need to meet Christ, live Christ and share Christ. In 2014 we saw what we in turn need to become, the fullness of our calling. We are saints, martyrs and warriors. These say it all. Do we see this? Are we committed to this? We need to become all three if we are to be used powerfully by God in the New Evangelization. After 3 decades of CFC/CFC-FFL, in 2011 God reiterated what has been our vision all along, through the prophet Isaiah. "It is too little, he says, for you to be my servant, …. I will make you a light to the nations, that my salvation may reach to the ends of the earth." (Is 49:6). Such is the expansiveness of God's vision.

But for many in the Church and in community, these are just nice "sayings." We mouth them, but can it be done? Can it actually happen? Well, we reached 160 countries, and it is not that difficult to reach all 193 countries in the world. But what kind of presence would we have? In most countries it would just be a handful of members. Reaching all those countries would then be more for bragging rights than actually being able to do God's intent. His salvation needs to reach the ends of the earth! To reach all peoples. How?

This is why God gave us LCSC. That is why God has used us to give LCSC to the Church. This is the way the massive work of CFC/CFC-FFL can be replicated many times over. In the process, God has shown the way for integration between new ecclesial movements and the institutional Church. God has shown the way to uniting parish ministries and groups in one work of proclaiming the gospel and reaching the peripheries. God is showing the way for groups not to be self-referential, but to work only for the interest of God and of His Church.

The Holy Spirit inspired the popes to issue the call to the New Evangelization. Mass apostasy is already underway. The Catholic Church, nominally 1/6 (all Christians are 1/3) of the population of the world, continues to lose members day by day. When do we mount a massive counter attack against the forces of the enemy? How do we do it? One answer is LCSC. This is today's call to arms.

Do you see all this?

* * *

1. Households should take this up as discussion topic. Q: Do you grasp the vision?
2. All questions and concerns should be sent to me by email ( so I can address them.

* * *

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