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(Part 109)


January 2, 2015

We have been called to the New Evangelization. But what we see in most parishes today are the same old programs and ministries. These of course are still very much needed. However, in doing these through the past decades, we have seen the steady and continued erosion of faith and the falling away of many Catholics. How do we reverse this? Do we then still just do these old programs? Einstein said that doing the same things over and over again but expecting a different result is insanity.

This is why, for us in CFC-FFL, the New Evangelization takes shape in LCSC. We need to see what the Holy Spirit is doing, and we need to expand our vision of how God can bring about the New Evangelization.

The Church already has many groups and movements, so why is there need for another one (LCSC)? The Holy Spirit cannot be put in a box, for He blows as He wills. When renewal and revival are forthcoming, the activity of the Spirit will intensify. There is much work to be done, and a rich harvest to be had, and the more effective movements there are, the better. In LCSC the Holy Spirit also wants to redefine what “massive” work means.

We are already doing evangelization. Yes, but it is hardly enough. Your chapter brings in a handful of new people a year, but how about the thousands in your parish territory that still need to be reached? Thinking more broadly, how can the Church reach the 1.19 billion Catholics (99% of 1.2B) who are lapsed or nominal? LCSC through the parishes is one way to go.

LCSC evangelization will negatively affect CFC-FFL evangelization, because we invite the same people. Not at all. Just look around you, outside of the parish setting, and see how many people you are able to interact with. Besides, God will allow you to reach strategic prospects that are suitable for covenant community, while LCSC focuses on the peripheries.

Our parish is already very busy. That is part of the problem. We are doing so many things, but not necessarily the things that really matter. What could be more important than bringing Catholics back to God and back to the Church? Our Church is not just for maintenance but for mission.

Our parish workers have their own programs and ministries. Rightly so. These provide the banquet available to the faithful. But the majority of Catholics are not there to partake of the feast. So get the parish workers to see that the LCSC LCS is the missing first step, the way to bring in those Catholics, and that it does not compete with their respective ministries. LCSC can actually be the thread that binds the parish in its overall evangelistic work.

I have to prioritize my family. Never neglect your family. But know that your family is very much under threat by the forces that are assaulting the family. If the situation continues as it is, your children will live in an environment even more challenging than it is now. You have control over your family situation, but you do not have control over the society in which your family lives. But you can do something about this. You can evangelize those in the world.

I am tied down at the workplace. Praise God for your secular work. But don’t forget to give back to God as He has given to you. Besides, your workplace is a good place to evangelize. You can even talk with the authorities to allow an LCS.

Whatever our reluctance or reservation, such can be overcome as we expand our vision. God thinks in terms of eternity, and God sees in terms of an expanding universe. You are a child of God. Don’t be hemmed in by narrow and selfish perspectives. Open up your mind and your heart, and let the Holy Spirit stretch that horizon for you.

* * *

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