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(Part 13)


November 2, 2012

The Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization for the Transmission of the Christian Faith has submitted a list of 58 propositions, for consideration by Pope Benedict XVI. The full list is attached.

What the Synod of Bishops has deemed important in considering the New Evangelization shows how well placed we in CFC-FFL are with regard to the urgent call of the Church today. God has prepared us over 31 years. We are privileged but accountable.

Let us now consider the propositions particularly relevant to us and our work.

Proposition 4: The Holy Trinity Source of the New Evangelization
The New Evangelization is about God’s plan, Jesus as Savior, and the Holy Spirit as empowerment to be witnesses. Please secure a copy of my new book: “The New Evangelization--A Work of the Divine Family.”

Proposition 5: The New Evangelization and Inculturation
We are present in many countries and our membership counts Asians, Africans, North Americans, Latin Americans and Europeans. Our programs are translated into many different languages and dialects.

Proposition 6: Proclamation of the Gospel
Our work is about proclaiming the good news of salvation in Jesus. We are an evangelistic and missionary community. We do rapid and massive evangelization.

Proposition 7: New Evangelization as a Permanent Missionary Dimension of the Church
The Catholic Church is by her nature missionary. As an integral part of the Roman Catholic Church, CFC-FFL too is a missionary community. We bring the gospel to the ends of the earth. We send out full-time missionaries.

Proposition 8: Witnessing in a Secularized World
We remain in the world and try to be light and leaven. We live a counter-culture to the secularism of the world. We witness with our daily lives, in and out of community.

Proposition 9: New Evangelization and Initial Proclamation
We reach out to nominal Catholics, who effectively are baptized pagans, and proclaim the gospel of salvation. We help bring people to Christ and back to the Church.

Proposition 10: Right to Proclaim and to Hear the Gospel
Every CFC-FFL member is an evangelizer. We evangelize in the normal, day-to-day circumstances of our lives, desiring to reach as many as possible with the gospel of Jesus.

Proposition 11: New Evangelization and the Prayerful Reading of Sacred Scripture
Our life and formation are very much based on the Bible. To read the Bible every day is part of our covenant. We offer ways to get much more into the Word of God, such as the Liturgical Bible Study (LBS).

Proposition 18: New Evangelization and the Means of Social Communication
We are very much into social communications, making use of all social media for our work. This is pushed by our Family and Life Quad Media (FLiQ).

Proposition 21: Migrants
We have our Migrants Program. We encourage the evangelization of migrant communities, such as the diasporas of Filipinos, Indians, Vietnamese, etc.

Proposition 22: Conversion
We help bring people to conversion to Christ. There is personal transformation and continuing growth in the Lord. Our CLS starts the process, and life in community continues and deepens it.

Proposition 23: Holiness and the New Evangelizers
We emphasize the call to holiness. We are to walk in the path of Christ. This is how we become effective witnesses to the gospel.

Proposition 26: Parishes and Other Ecclesial Realities
We are a servant to the Church and have made our programs available to parishes. We fully support the life of the parish.

Proposition 31: New Evangelization and the Option for the Poor
A Preferential Option for the Poor is one of our Core Values. We have our Work with the Poor (WWP). This is a holistic program of looking at spiritual and material needs. We help provide shelter, health, education, livelihood and values formation.

Proposition 36: Spiritual Dimension of the New Evangelization
Our work is focused on Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We look to a deep spiritual life, a life of prayer, worship and the Eucharist.

Proposition 43: Hierarchical and Charismatic Gifts
We put our charismatic gifts at the service of the hierarchical Church. We pursue our vision and mission and live out our charism while looking to the authority of the bishop and integrate ourselves in the life of the Church.

Proposition 44: New Evangelization in the Parish
Through the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement, we are helping mainstream Catholic lay evangelization in and by the parishes.

Proposition 45: The Role of the Lay Faithful in the New Evangelization
CFC-FFL is a lay ecclesial community. We fully participate in the life and mission of our Catholic Church as laypersons. We look to massive evangelization at the grassroots.

Proposition 48: The Christian Family
Our mission is founded on Christ and on family renewal. We renew the family and defend life. We strengthen marriages. We bring in and form our children. We fight for the culture of life.

Proposition 51: Youth and the New Evangelization
We have effective and vigorous family ministries, particularly our work with youth, singles and young couples. Our youth evangelize their own kind. We have raised several levels of the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Proposition 57: The Transmission of the Christian Faith
Our focus has always been evangelization. We exist to evangelize. We do rapid, massive and worldwide evangelization. We pass on the faith to our children and the next generations.

Proposition 58: Mary, the Star of the New Evangelization
We are consecrated to Mama Mary. We recognize her role in evangelization and in spiritual warfare. She is our intercessor and Mediatrix.

We have been an evangelistic community for over 31 years, and now are being called to the New Evangelization. Based on our extensive pastoral experience, we have much to offer the Church, as her servant. We are called to do more of the same, but this time with even greater commitment, zeal, passion, endurance, perseverance, and joy in suffering.

In this Year of Faith, in this call to the New Evangelization, we need to BE.LI.EV.E, and know that faith works wonders. It is a great time to be alive. Let us humbly put ourselves fully in the hands of our Lord, and look with great anticipation to His great outpouring of blessings. The best is yet to come!

* * *

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