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(Part 187)


July 15, 2016

Here are 2 articles, one about the USA and the other the Philippines, that show the rot in our Catholic Church, that there is a strong enemy within.

In the USA, when surveyed about support for the culture of death (contraception, divorce, abortion, same-sex unions, euthanasia), inevitably the percentage support by Catholics is higher than the support of the general population. In the survey below, support by Catholics for Clinton for the Presidency is higher than that for Trump. How can a true Catholic support the abortion-obsessed and LGBT-loving Clinton? How can Catholics support the party of death, the Democratic Party, that has enshrined abortion and support for Planned Parenthood in its party principles (in contrast, the Republican Party enshrines pro-life values and opposition to Planned Parenthood in its party platform)?

In the Philippines, the CBCP President laments the situation of citizens, most of whom are Catholics (at least in name). Crooks and criminals are Catholics. The reproductive health law was passed. The divorce bill has been filed. Will same-sex unions be far behind? All this is shocking for a nation that calls itself Catholic. All these abominations are the anti-thesis of being a true Catholic Christian.

The fight of this third millennium is the culture of life versus the culture of death. The assaults on faith, family and life will continue and intensify. Persecution will come from secular authorities, both national and global. The evil one seeks to destroy what is of God, particularly the family and faith.

Thus the Spirit calls the Church to the New Evangelization. It is a matter of life and death .... literally. Death for the unborn child. Destruction for marriages and families. Eternal death of souls.

What are we waiting for? We must go forth and strongly engage the enemy. Onward, holy warriors!

US Catholic voters lean toward Clinton, survey shows

July 14, 2016

American Catholic voters lean strongly toward Hillary Clinton in this year's presidential contest, according to a new Pew Forum survey.

The Pew poll found that Clinton held a 56-39% advantage over Donald Trump among Catholic voters. That 17% margin was markedly different from the results of a similar poll in the last presidential race, when then-Senator Barack Obama was virtually even with Mitt Romney among Catholic voters in June 2012.

However, Clinton's margin among Catholic voters was entirely attributable to a huge (77-16%) advantage among Hispanic Catholics. Among white Catholics, Trump had a slight (50-46) edge.

Among all voters surveyed, Pew found that Clinton had a 51-42% lead. Trump enjoyed his best results among white Evangelical voters, who gave him a massive 78-17% advantage; Clinton did best with black Protestants, who broke even more dramatically (89-8%) in her favor.

Among voters who attend church services weekly, Pew found that Trump had a slight advantage: 49-45%. But among Catholics who attend Mass weekly, Clinton led by 57-38%.

When asked which questions they considered most important in the presidential campaign, Catholics provided answers that did not differ significantly from the overall national sample.


  • Religion and the 2016 campaign (Pew)

* * *

Leading Philippine prelate: we will ‘stand up for the moral right’ and ‘resist the moral wrong’

July 14, 2016

Before the debate over the Reproductive Health Act in 2012, Philippine bishops were “heard and respected,” but now the Church is a “Church in the wilderness,” the president of the bishops’ conference said on July 9.

“It felt like we were voices in the wilderness proclaiming a teaching that our people could not identify with,” Archbishop Socrates Villegas said in an address to his brother bishops. “Our pastoral letters were unheeded, mocked and ignored … When we challenged indecency, we were despised and ridiculed as archaic.”

“When we preached about marriage and family life, we were dismissed as uninformed bachelors,” he continued. “We are called shameless hypocrite children of whores.”

Though “the temptation to bow down to the tempter is great,” and “the temptation to complain, reminiscing [about] the melons of Egypt is hard to resist,” the bishops’ task, said Archbishop Villegas, is clear:

We will stand up for the moral right. We will resist the moral wrong. We will stand and defend every person’s life and dignity. We will shield the weak from harm. We will protect the confused from error.

We will guide and enlighten the lost. We will teach, even it seems like a voice in a hostile wilderness, till the day we die, that right is right and wrong and wrong and we will not withdraw from mission of the Lord. Our call is not to be successful but to be faithful.

The Church may be a voice gone hoarse proclaiming Christ in the wilderness with only a handful listening; but in the wilderness, the best in us shines forth.


  • The Church in the Wilderness (CBCP)

* * *

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