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(Part 227)


November 18, 2017
Today’s gospel: Luke 18:1-8

Jesus asks, “But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” (v.8b). Given present circumstances, the answer is: not much. The Christian faith has been eroding rapidly over the past decades. What is the present situation?

  • 99 of the 100 sheep are lost. They have abandoned the faith altogether, or are just nominal in their Christianity.
  • Most of the mainline Protestant denominations have embraced the culture of death, accepting contraception, divorce, abortion and same-sex unions. A majority of individual Catholics are also in favor of these.
  • Many bishops and priests, especially in the Western world, are more concerned about social justice issues, such as immigration and climate change, and less so about issues of faith, family and life.
  • The assaults on faith, family and life by radical feminists, LGBT forces, secular humanists and modernists continue unabated, and are even intensifying. And they have a lot of money to advance their causes.
  • The Church, which is missionary, has lost much of its missionary fervor and work. Our Catholics are being picked off by the world, the sects and even the cults.
  • Our Catholic Church is wracked by division between liberals and conservatives, with liberals at the highest levels, causing confusion and worse, loss of authentic faith.

The reality is that the Church is losing Catholics by the day! And there is no indication that this will abate or be reversed any time soon.

What are we to do?

First, know the urgency of the call to the New Evangelization. Jesus gave his life so that all would be saved. But as it is right now, not many will be saved. People need to be re-evangelized so that they will turn back to God and to the Church.

Second, make sure our own spirituality is in place. We are to “pray always without becoming weary.” (v.1b). Prayer is not just what we engage in when we have that special time set aside for God. Prayer is all about a relationship with Jesus. This is why Paul tells us to pray without ceasing. Our whole life, 24/7, should be centered on Jesus, with our conscious effort thatour acts each and every waking moment are pleasing to God. Thus we are to continue to enter more deeply in our relationship with Jesus each day. We are not to grow weary in doing this, but endure and persevere through the difficulties and trials.

Third, go about the work of evangelization and mission, and do this with zeal and passion. Like the persistent widow, be persistent as well, in season or out of season. For the work of the New Evangelization, God has given us Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC). This is a way to reach and potentially bring back all the lost sheep, tapping on to the many parish workers to participate in bringing in a rich harvest.

Fourth, do intercession. Jesus says, “Will not God then secure the rights of his chosen ones who call out to him day and night?” (v.7a). God knows what He wants to happen. But He is waiting on us to be His instruments. Justice is to give us what is our due, which is to be fully a part of God’s divine work on earth. If we want it, if we persist, God will let it happen. Jesus further says, “Will he be slow to answer them?” (v.7b). The work of massive evangelization is what is at the heart of God. This work is urgent. God is just waiting for true disciples who are willing to do the work. For those who present themselves, He will be quick to empower and equip them.

If the Church does a massive work of evangelization and mission in whatever remaining years there are, then there will be more than a small flock when Jesus finally returns.

Let us get to it!

* * *

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