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(Part 93)


September 26, 2014
Today’s reading: Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

“God has made everything appropriate in its time” (v.11a). God’s timing is perfect. Even when we cannot see or understand what He is trying to do. That is why it is important to simply obey. And then strive to understand what God is asking us to do. As has been said, many want to be able to see first before they put their faith in it, when for us as Christians, we must have faith, and then we will see.

Now we are called to the New Evangelization, and God has given us LCSC as the lay response to this call. What is God telling us?

It is “a time to give birth” (v.2a) to a new methodology for effective evangelization.

It is “a time to die” (v.2b) to ourselves in clinging to our old ways of doing things, as we strive for more effective ways of doing our work.

It is “a time to kill” (v.3a) the old self that is influenced by the world, the flesh and the devil.

It is “a time to heal” (v.3b) the hurts and pains that keep us from wholly giving ourselves to God and His work.

It is “a time to tear down” (v.3c) the strongholds of the enemy that hold people in bondage.

It is “a time to build” (v.3d) the kingdom of God in our midst.

It is “a time to weep” (v.4a) about the darkness in a world full of poverty, crime, war, calamities.

It is “a time to laugh” (v.4b) and rejoice at the outpouring of grace and blessings upon God’s beloved people.

It is “a time to mourn” (v.4c) the loss of faith in the world.

It is “a time to dance” (v.4d) with joy at the privilege of doing our work of evangelization.

It is “a time to scatter stones” (v.5a) that will cause ripples through the waters and disturb the complacency of Catholics.

It is “a time to gather them” (v.5b) and build them up into one solid foundation that is the Church.

It is “a time to embrace” (v.5c) the fullness of the life and mission given us by God, including the call to the New Evangelization.

It is “a time to be far from embraces” (v.5d) of friends and loved ones as we go off to war and make sacrifices for the cause of Christ.

It is “a time to seek” (v.6a) the lost sheep.

It is “a time to lose” (v.6b) our self-centeredness, our complacency, our pride, our reluctance to embrace the cross.

It is “a time to keep” (v.6c) our confidence in the empowerment that comes from the Holy Spirit.

It is “a time to cast away” (v.6d) our fears and be not afraid.

It is “a time to rend” (v.7a) our hearts in repentance for all the ways we have not given our all to God and to His work.

It is “a time to sew” (v.7b) and weave a tapestry of glorious holy existence in God’s grace.

It is “a time to be silent” (v.7c) and come in prayer before the holy presence of God, to give Him the worship that is His due.

It is “a time to speak” (v.7d) as we witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is “a time to love” (v.8a) our neighbor as ourselves, including our enemies.

It is “a time to hate” (v.8b) the enemy and his works, as he seeks to destroy faith, family and life.

It is “a time of war” (v.8c). We are warriors. Ha-ooh!

It is “a time of peace” (v.8d). We are peacemakers. We seek peace for the world, that which is shalom, being in right relationships with others.

God has given us our work. “I have seen the business that God has given to mortals to be busied about.” (v.10). We have been commissioned. We have been made stewards of God’s grace. We are sent forth to proclaim the good news of salvation in Jesus to all. Let us get busy doing our appointed task.

“There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens.” (v.1).

* * *

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