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(Part 105)


September 24, 2014

Today’s readings:
Proverbs 30:5-9
Psalm 119:29,72,89,101,104,163
Luke 9:1-6

It is crucial for Catholics to read, study and meditate on the Bible. Unfortunately, most Catholics do not know the Bible. That is tragic. We cannot move on in the New Evangelization without the Bible at the core of the work. This is why one of the four pillars of LCSC is Live the Word, focusing on the methodology of Liturgical Bible Study (LBS).

Now we are assured: “Every word of God is tested” (Prv 30:5a). The Bible, being the very word of God, is absolutely reliable. Everything that is written there has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. It is given to us to help us grow in holiness and discipleship.

What is our basic work in LCSC? It is the kerygma, the proclamation of the gospel. What is the gospel? It is the good news of salvation in Jesus. To proclaim this gospel was the mission of the Twelve. “Then they set out and went from village to village proclaiming the good news” (Lk 9:6a). Where do we learn about this good news? It is in the Bible.

What does the Bible, the very word of God, do for us? Let the Bible testify about itself. Here is a sampling from today’s verses from Psalm 119. Psalm 119 praises God for giving such splendid laws and instructions for people to live by. We can learn about God’s ways from the Bible.

“Lead me from the way of deceit; favor me with your law.” (Ps 119:29). The enemy is always trying to deceive us by telling us lies, as Satan is the father of lies. Now the Bible is about truth. It is through the Bible that the Holy Spirit teaches us about the laws and commandments of God.

“The law of your mouth is more precious to me than heaps of silver and gold.” (Ps 119:72). The Bible is the most valuable resource we can ever have, because it is the very word of God. Unfortunately, people in the world seek after silver and gold, thinking these to be the most precious things in life. What is actually most important for life is to know God and His ways, which the Bible instructs us in.

“Your word, Lord, stands forever; it is firm as the heavens.” (Ps 119:89). The word of God is unchanging, just as Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Bible is absolutely reliable as a guide to God’s ways. The Bible is what can help bring us to live forever in heaven.

“I keep my steps from every evil path, that I may observe your word.” (Ps 119:101). Evil is rampant in the world, a world steeped in darkness. Many people, including Christians, can no longer distinguish good from bad. There are no clear guideposts for morality. The Bible helps provide such guideposts, thus lighting our path and guiding our every step.

“Through your precepts I gain understanding; therefore I hate all false ways.” (Ps 119:104). The wisdom of the world is totally different from, and even contrary to, the wisdom of God. The ways of the world, with promises by the evil one, are unreliable and false. We as Christians have to put on the mind of Christ. How? By studying God’s word. In this way we can gain the very wisdom that comes from God.

“Falsehood I hate and abhor; your law I love.” (Ps 119:163). We are to hate evil and love good. We are to turn away from lies, which the father of lies peddles. We are to love the very words and laws of God.

The LBS is a proven methodology of getting into the Bible. As we grow in appreciation and understanding of God’s word, then we will be better equipped to do our work of evangelization as we “to proclaim the kingdom of God” (Lk 9:2a).

* * *

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