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(Part 75)


December 3, 2013

Today’s readings:
Isaiah 11:1-10
Psalm 72:1-17
Luke 10:21-24

The search for utopia on earth has always existed. Man has looked to the ideal and tried to build heaven on earth. What is ideal? That governing authority rules with justice (Ps 72:2b), that there be great abundance for the people (Ps 72:3), that the weak and poor may be defended (Ps 72:4). This was the case with the ideal Davidic king. He was sought to be one who “shall judge the poor with justice, and decide fairly for the land’s afflicted.” (Is 11:4a).

People of good will strive for such ideal, but we know that that is not the case in the world. In fact, it is the opposite. There is corruption, poverty, injustice, war, suffering and exploitation of the poor. Because man is weak sinful flesh, because the world is in darkness and opposition to God, because the evil one brings destruction and ruin, we will never see this ideal situation in the world. But there is such a place. It is heaven, after the end of time.

What a glorious place heaven will be! There will be universal peace and harmony, symbolized by the wolf being with the lamb, the leopard with the goat, the calf with the lion, the cow with the bear, the baby with the viper (Is 11:6-8). There will be no harm done to anyone or destruction inflicted on anything, as everyone will know what is the will of God, as God originally intended. “They shall not harm or destroy on all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be filled with knowledge of the Lord, as water covers the sea.” (Is 11:9).

In heaven Jesus the King will reign. The Israelites prayed for the king, that “he rule from sea to sea” (Ps 72:8a), that he vanquish all his foes (Ps 72:9), that “all kings bow before him, all nations serve him” (Ps 72:11), that he bless the poor (Ps 72:12-14), that there be prosperity and plenty (Ps 72:16). This is totally fulfilled in Jesus at the end of time. His reign is over all the heavens and the earth, he has conquered death and the evil one, he has brought glad tidings to the poor, he has brought his people into the perfect abundance of heaven.

We will not see utopia on earth in our lifetime, but we can live such utopia in heaven in the afterlife. We just need to make it there. And we who know the Lord must help bring others to heaven with us. We who love the Lord and long to be with him must help others find him, and know the wonderful home that awaits them. “Him the nations will seek out; his dwelling shall be glorious.” (Is 11:10b).

“May his name be forever;
as long as the sun, may his name endure.
May the tribes of the earth give blessings with his name;
may all the nations regard him as favored.”
(Ps 72:17)

Indeed may it be so! The world, applying its human wisdom, continues to search and work for utopia. But to those disciples of Jesus, utopia has already been revealed. It is in the afterlife. We rejoice with Jesus in the Holy Spirit and give praise to the Father, for “although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike.” (Lk 10:21).

Those of us who live today are truly blessed. The prophets and kings of old desired an ideal world but did not experience it. Then Jesus came, and his disciples met the One who is the true King and saw and heard aspects of the perfect Kingdom in his teaching and worked wonders. “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I say to you, many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, but did not see it, and to hear what you hear, but did not hear it.” (Lk 10:23-24). After Jesus ascended into heaven, he then entrusted the work of the Kingdom to his disciples. That’s us. We not only see and hear from Jesus, but in faith we work his wonders. The world will see and hear from us.

Now is our time. And the world is racing to the end of time. There is much work to be done. Let us get on with the New Evangelization.

* * *

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