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(Part 19)


March 10, 2011

Today’s readings:
Deuteronomy 30:15-20
Luke 9:22-25

Today we continue facing the crossroad that is coming. As we saw in the reading the other day, Moses again puts a choice before Israel. This is the choice before us as well. What is this choice?

A blessing or a curse (Dt 11:26)
Life and prosperity or death and doom (Dt 30:15)

Now no reasonable person will choose death or the curse over life and the blessing. But unwittingly we might be indeed making such choices in our day-to-day lives. When we do, we threaten our personal well-being, as well as the well-being of our family and that of our community, and consequently, the well-being of the world.

Knowing how crucial our choice will be, how do we manifest the right choice? God Himself tells us how. “If you obey the commandments of the Lord, your God, which I enjoin on you today, loving him, and walking in his ways, and keeping his commandments, statutes and decrees, you will live and grow numerous, and the Lord, your God, will bless you in the land you are entering to occupy.” (Dt 30:16).

How are we living out today what God tells us to do?

  • Loving him. We are supposed to love God with our whole mind, heart, soul and strength. It is an undivided and committed love. But do we:
show more love to other persons and things such that this comes in the way of our love for God and our commitment to His work?
serve God as well as mammon and have priorities other than God’s kingdom?
fail to live out our CFC-FFL covenant which is our freely committed response of love for God?
miss out on our CFC-FFL assemblies where God is awaiting our worship?
  • Walking in his ways. Jesus tells us, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Lk 9:23). But do we:
indulge ourselves with the pleasures of the world and move on through life in comfort and convenience?
shun suffering that is redemptive?
hold back on growing in holiness and Christian perfection?
give in to discouragement or not reflect the joy that is ours in Christ?
  • Keeping his commandments. Jesus tells us to obey God’s commandments. But do we:
evangelize with a passion?
raise our children for God and make our home a place of Kingdom ground?
love one another as Jesus has loved us?
forgive those who have harmed us?
bring the tithe into God’s storehouse?
pray, fast and give alms?

Jesus’ words in Luke reinforce God’s words in Deuteronomy. The choice remains the same: to save our life or to lose it (Lk 9:24). Life or death. Blessing or curse.

“What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?” (Lk 9:25). Gain or loss. God or the world. God or mammon. Obedience or disobedience. Fidelity or infidelity.

We cannot have it both. We cannot serve two masters. It is either God or mammon. Even when it comes to the good things in our lives, such as family, Jesus gives a daunting challenge: “If anyone comes to me without hating his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.” (Lk 14:26). The call to discipleship is total and complete and undivided.

Are we then to neglect our family? No! If we have God as our priority, have Jesus at the center of our lives, and allow the Holy Spirit to guide us, then God will arrange all other areas of our lives and put our responsibilities in proper order. And the way God does this is through our Christian community. It is in our Christian community of CFC-FFL, together with our parish, where we grow in our relationship with God, learn of all His ways, serve Him, and are used by Him to serve His purposes, including the renewal of our families and building His Church in the world.

As we prioritize what is of God, we must prioritize the way or environment God has given us by which we can be faithful to His call. This is our life and mission in CFC-FFL. God has given us our community so that we might have the crucial support we need in order to live His life in us, to become the people He has destined us to become, to be able to be the servants and instruments that will proclaim Him throughout the world.

God has given us CFC-FFL to help us make the right choice.

“I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse.” (Dt 30:19b)

My dear brethren, here is your choice. The crossroad approaches. “Choose life, then, that you and your descendants may life” (Dt 30:19c).


For household meeting:
(1) Share where you are at in relation to the bullet points above regarding loving God, walking in His ways, and keeping His commandments.
(2) Are you now realizing that faithfulness to the life and mission of CFC-FFL is what will enable you to be faithful to God, to family and to serving the Church


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