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(Part 3)


November 6, 2010

Today’s reading from the book of Psalms shows us the way how to live our lives such that truly our God will be our strength.

First, we need to know and live out a proper relationship with God. What is that? God is the Almighty, the awesome Creator, the all-powerful and ever-living God. And we are but weak human flesh, corrupted in many ways by the world and our own sinful nature. As such, unlike many in the world who look only to themselves for power and strength, we realize our nothingness, we realize God’s awesomeness, and we ought to be in awe of Him. We need to “fear the Lord” (Ps 112:1a). This is reverential fear, as is fitting between a Creator and His creatures, between a Master and His servants.

Second, as we know God is everything and we are nothing, as we realize that God is all-good while we are inclined to decadent living, as we accept that God has a wonderful eternal plan for us that is for our good and for a future full of hope, then we decide to obey Him in everything. God shows us the way we are to live, gives us His commandments by which we know right from wrong, and moves us along the right path. But only if we are obedient. Thus, grateful for God’s guidance and care, we obey, and we “greatly delight in God’s commands” (Ps 112:1b).

Third, as we are to relate in the world not only to God but also to our fellow human beings, as we realize that we are all children of God making our way to heaven as pilgrims in the world, we need to relate in the right way to others. And how is that? With justice. Justice is giving to the other person what is his due. And what is due to our fellow human beings? First is respect, because they are all children of God. Second is caring for them and doing what we can, even to the extent of giving up our lives, so that they experience the love of God and are able to move forward in their lives in the Lord, because we are our brothers’ keepers. Thus we “conduct (our) affairs with justice” (Ps 112:5b). Thus are we to be “gracious, merciful, and just” (Ps 112:4b). Third is the gospel of salvation in Jesus, because we as Christ’s disciples have been tasked to bring this incredible good news to the ends of the earth.

If we relate in the right way to God and man, loving them according to the two greatest commandments cited by Jesus, then we will experience God’s strength in our lives. Because we are upright and just, we will be blessed. We will become “a generation upright and blessed” (Ps 112:2b), and even our “descendants shall be mighty in the land” (Ps 112:2a).

Then God can use us to become His light to the world, through our work of evangelization. What we ought to desire is to bring God’s salvation to others, to help dispel the darkness that permeates the world. Such is the commission given to all Jesus’ disciples. If we allow ourselves to become God’s instruments, then we can expect to receive power from the Holy Spirit to enable us to become His effective witnesses (Acts 1:8). As such, we will “shine through the darkness, a light for the upright” (Ps 112:4a).

Further, we will experience the many blessings God has reserved for His faithful people. This includes prosperity (Ps 112:3), which is part and parcel of God’s covenant. This includes perseverance and steadfastness, so much needed in a world where there are so many challenges, oppressions and suffering. Despite all these, we “shall never be shaken” (Ps 112:6a).

Most importantly, our hearts will always be at peace. We need not be afraid of anything, because we know we are in God’s loving hands. We “shall not fear an ill report; (for our) hearts are steadfast, trusting the Lord.” (Ps 112:7). Even when we suffer, we look to our suffering being redemptive, and ultimately for our own good. Our “hearts are tranquil, without fear” (Ps 112:8a), and we “shall never be shaken” (Ps 112:6a).

And each of us can truly say: my God is now my strength!

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