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(Part 4)


April 10, 2012
Today’s reading: Psalm 33:4-22

Today’s psalm bring us to our themes through the years since the restoration. These themes build up to prepare us for the theme for this year.

In 2007 we had the theme of hope. In today’s psalm, “we have put our hope in you.” (Ps 33:22b). No matter what happens, even in the most severe crisis, we look to God and put our hope in Him.

In 2008 we had the theme of joy. In today’s psalm, “For in God our hearts rejoice” (Ps 33:21a). God listens to prayers, does not abandon for long, but restores His people once they have learned the lessons of Lamentations. As such, we can always rejoice, knowing that God is always there for us.

In 2009 we had the theme of trust. In today’s psalm, “in your holy name we trust.” (Ps 33:21b). As God is our Savior, we can always trust in Him. Jesus went to the cross out of love and mercy, and these we confidently hold on to.

In 2010 we had the theme of the justice and righteousness of the Almighty, its implication on our worship, and an emphasis on redemptive suffering. In today’s psalm, we see that “the Lord loves justice and right” (Ps 33:5a) and His “eyes are upon the reverent” (Ps 33:18a), “delivering them from death, keeping them alive in times of famine.” (Ps 33:19). In the depth of our suffering, God redeems. God is just and righteous, and if we place ourselves in right relationship with Him, if we give Him the worship that is His due, if we are purified through suffering for the cause of Christ, then God will surely bless us, even through trial and tribulation.

In 2011 we had the theme of strength in God. In today’s psalm, we are led not to look to human strength (Ps 33:16-17) but only to God, “who is our help and shield.” (Ps 33:20b). Having been formed in the necessary virtues of hope, joy and trust, having entered more deeply into a relationship with God with a deeper appreciation of the cross of Christ, then we are prepared to take on the fullness of God’s strength in order to accomplish His eternal purpose for us.

Facing the crossroad in 2011, now we are ready to move on. God now has brought us to our theme for 2012, that of “Choose Life.” This brings us to the very plan of God for the world as seen in the book of Genesis. This brings us into the thick of the spiritual war raging in the world today. This opens up to us the whole culture of life intended by God versus the culture of death fomented by Satan.

This third millennium is marked by the advance of darkness, indeed, a veritable tsunami of evil threatening to overwhelm the whole world. The threats are to the very fundamental realities of a life in God, that of faith, family and life. Satan has marshaled the most powerful forces on this earth in order to do his diabolical work. We are in the end times.

In the period of restoration God has prepared us in CFC-FFL. The lessons of Lamentations and the lessons of Job are continuing. At the same time, with the tsunami of evil hurtling forward, we need to stand and fight. Not to do so would be to accept inevitable defeat. The crossroad is right before us.

We are reminded of who we are as CFC -- centered on Christ, faithful to our covenant, carrying the cross. We fight for FFL -- faith, family, life.

Therefore choose life. Choose the life that God has chosen for you. Choose the life that is the fullness of what God intends for you. Choose the evangelistic and missionary life that is the calling of every true Christian. Choose the life that leads to eternal life.

* * *

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