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(Part 13)


November 22, 2012
Today’s gospel: Luke 19:41-44

Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Biblical peace is not just the absence of war, but is a situation of being in right relationship with all--with people, in society, among nations, even with nature. Thus there is no strife and there is harmony. It is when even “natural” enemies get along together (Is 11:6-8). Only Jesus can bring such peace.

To not accept Jesus into one’s life is then to not experience such peace. Worse, without the only one who brings true peace, a life apart from Jesus will ultimately result in devastation--of one’s life, of one’s marriage, of one’s family, of society, of the environment, of a nation, of the world. This is what happened to Jerusalem. Jesus laments: “If this day you only knew what makes for peace” (Lk 19:42a). But Jerusalem did not. Ultimately Jerusalem was destroyed, with not “one stone upon another” left (Lk 19:44b). Jesus wept over the city (Lk 19:41). He, the source of true peace, had already come, but “you did not recognize the time of your visitation.” (Lk 19:44c).

Today Jesus has come into the world and has visited his people. In fact, he patiently knocks on the door of our hearts, waiting for us to open the door and let him in, so he can fellowship with us (Rev 3:20). We simply need to recognize that he is indeed there visiting us. Then we simply need to open the door and let him into our lives.

Unfortunately, for many, including many Christians, “it is hidden from (their) eyes.” (Lk 19:42b). There is widespread rejection of Jesus as Messiah, Lord and God (as with the Jews, Muslims and so-called Christian sects). There is pervasive disobedience to Jesus’ commands (as with Protestant denominations accepting divorce). There are many Catholics who support contraception and even same-sex unions, as well as voting for staunchly pro-abortion politicians. There are Catholic clerics (including bishops), religious, theologians, school presidents, seminary rectors, who oppose and disobey the Magisterium of the Church, the very body of Christ on earth.

No wonder the world is in such a mess! No wonder nations war against each other. No wonder the Church herself is weakened and buffeted from all sides, including by the enemy within. There is no peace in the world!

What must be done? The world must put its faith in Jesus. It must know what makes for peace, know that Jesus has already won salvation for all, and recognize this time of his visitation. The world must BE.LI.EV.E! People need to meet Jesus and become his friend. They need to live his way of life. They need to share that life and spread the good news of salvation and peace in him. Then there can be peace on earth, and eternal peace as we enter into heaven.

These are urgent times, as we are in the end times. It is not just Israel at risk from Hamas, Egypt, Iran and other Muslim nations around her. It is also the global assault on faith, family and life. It is the diabolical intent of worldly powers to destroy or at least weaken the Catholic Church. Growing darkness hovers over the earth, as the tsunami of evil threatens to overwhelm the world.

We who are true disciples of Jesus must now look to the New Evangelization. We must evangelize with a passion and with renewed commitment. We ourselves must first truly BE.LI.EV.E, and work so that the world too may believe in Jesus the Savior.

* * *

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