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(Part 57)


July 15, 2015

June 26 is the founding date of CFC, a ministry dedicated to renewal of the family and defense of life. Just as homosexualists have co-opted the rainbow (a sign of God’s covenant) as its own, now, as far as concerns us, they are also co-opting our special day!

CFC-FFL, rise in defense of faith, family and life!


(from Michael Voris of Church Militant)

The High Court voted in a sweeping broad-based decision that sodomite marriage is a constitutional right. The vote went as largely expected in a 5–4 ruling where Catholic Justice Anthony Kennedy, a long time ally for homosexual rights, equated the struggle for sodomite marriage to the civil rights battle for blacks in the 1960s.

In a giant step going even further, Kennedy also addressed the issue of the children of homosexual couples, saying they had a right not to be humiliated by their parents not being legally recognized as married.

Reports from various gay and gay-friendly media are saying that the fix has been on this for quite some time, even down to the day of the decision being released. Earlier in the week, the Court announced it was adding Friday, June 26, to what are called “hand-down” days, referring to days on which decisions are handed down. That is somewhat unusual because decisions are not generally handed down on Fridays.

However, this Friday happens to be June 26 ­ a very significant date for the synergy between the homofascist movement and the courts. The New York Times recently reported that Justice Kennedy has a homosexual law clerk this term. His name is Joshua Matz. Matz wrote a law review article a couple of years back called "The Constitutional Inevitability of Same-Sex Marriage." It would not be beyond the realm of possibility that Matz let his boss know that June 26th is a virtual holy day in the gay culture.

The decision coming down today on June 26 makes this date the day of decision for three of Justice Kennedy’s four big gay cases, all favorable to homofascists ­ Lawrence, Windsor and Obergefell ­ Obergefell of course being today's decision ­ all of them being decided on June 26 in various years. A fourth case was decided on another date.

Writing the majority opinion in this case virtually enshrines Justice Kennedy ­ one of six Catholics on the Court ­ as the one single individual most responsible for the advancement of sodomy being institutionalized in the United States. In fact, the case could be made ­ owing to America's power and prestige ­ the one individual most responsible for the enshrining of homosexuality in history.

Kennedy represents, personifies all that has gone wrong in the Catholic Church in America these past decades.

Another justice, Sonia Sotomayor, is also a baptized Catholic, but she was seated on the bench by Obama and is largely rumored to be a lesbian, or at least extremely friendly to the cause. Kennedy, however, is a Reagan appointee and had been the hope of many solid Catholics back in the day to be the one to stop ­ or at least slow ­ the aggressive push in U.S. courts for immorality.

At this day and time, perhaps no man on earth more personifies the line from the Psalms: "Do not put your trust in princes."

It is worth pausing here and noting that the continual slide into Hell of America has been aided and abetted and in many cases even led by traitorous Catholics ­ some of them lay people, others clerics. Doctor John Rock, a Catholic, invented the birth control pill. Ted Kennedy, even from his death bed, championed Obamacare with its contraceptive mandate and abortion funding. Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Kathleen Sebelius and a host of others from the Catholic Rogues Gallery have all turned traitor.

It is established tradition now that among powerful or influential American Catholics that they abandon the Faith and give themselves over to Lucifer, the most recent of which is Anthony Kennedy. With this diabolical victory now in hand, faithful Catholics should now see the hand-writing on the wall. It has never been enough for the homofascist movement to just achieve equality. Advocates want those who disagree forced to submit and sign off and give their approval to homosexuality as a natural good. This decision will be used to force that issue in areas of employment, commerce, education, health care, courts, even religious institutions.

Catholics should not see this as an end. It is now just the beginning. Be prepared for the persecution that will come ­ because it will surely come.

* * *

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