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July 30, 2009

It has been two years since the split in CFC last July 30, 2007. From the time God raised the remnant that is CFC-FFL, we have moved rapidly to restore the fullness of our authentic life and mission. With restoration is the return of God’s anointing. Thus we have grown.

Those of us who formed the restoration movement that eventually evolved into CFC-FFL were just a remnant of about 1,000 brethren. Five months later, by the end of 2007, we were 56,000 brethren in 20 Philippine dioceses and in 50 countries. By the end of 2008, we were 100,000 brethren in 37 Philippine dioceses and in 60 countries. These are active members, committed and zealous for our life and mission. The growth and restoration continue.

CFC-FFL, with its focus on the authentic CFC charism, has firmly established the work that God originally intended for it, that of evangelization and family life renewal. CFC-FFL is primarily an evangelistic and missionary community. In its work of evangelization, it is focused on renewing the family and defending life. Family and life are the defining issues of this third millennium, and what God has been preparing CFC for all along.

Continuing attacks and injustices

Unfortunately, as it has from the time the restoration movement was started to try to renew CFC from within, to the time of the split and beyond, the other side has continued its attacks on us. The other side has relentlessly been trying to keep us from doing God’s work. They have done this through disinformation about our status in the Church, through filing court cases against us, and through continuing maligning in media and the Internet.

Further, their injustices continue. Two years after the first resignations of CFC fulltime pastoral workers, followed by many others, the other side has refused to pay their just retirement benefits. This has caused our brethren untold hardships. Further, they have refused to return bridge funds that they solicited, even as they claim to be no longer in debt. In addition, with many GK projects unfinished and no more work forthcoming, they have refused to account for funds and refuse to turn over funds demanded by beneficiaries or other brethren who desire to finish the work.

Despite the scandal of court cases, and despite having been advised by the hierarchy to drop such court cases, they continue to disobey and persist in this scandal.

We have to pray for them, because in their attacks and injustices, they are fighting God Himself.

Coming together again?

Last April 30, the other side announced that they had let go of GK, acknowledging inherent conflicts that could not be resolved. This has led some members on the ground, from both sides, to ask if reunification between the 2 CFCs is now possible, since the major cause of the crisis, GK, is now out of the picture.

Well, the other side, while saying that they have let go of GK, claims that they have not split, and that in fact they are intensifying their collaboration with GK. So it is first up to them to clarify their situation. Have they split or not?

Then, whatever the reality, reunification can only happen if that is what God wills. However much we desire it, it is not something we just presume. Further, the direction now of CFC-FFL is clear, the brethren are upbeat, and the work is unimpeded. Will becoming one again bring back internal difficulties and challenges?

Further, I remind everyone that my proposal for creative unity is still on the table. That is to have one CFC family but with 2 distinct and separate branches. This is something that can happen immediately, without much hassle. It is a good confidence building measure in case both sides decide to pursue actual reunification. Unfortunately, the other side has consistently rejected this proposal.

Finally, there is a simple and easy way to have one CFC once again. Our brethren on the other side simply need to join us, and be integrated in the one and true CFC.

Anyway, the CBCP, through Cardinal Rosales, has already taken jurisdiction over the CFC situation, having been tasked by the Holy See to look into it. Let us just await further developments.

The work continues

Let us not be distracted by the continuing negative posture of the other side. There is just too much work to be done. Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and on our mission. Let us rejoice in the privilege of suffering for the sake of righteousness. Let us always be faithful to our call, fully trusting in Jesus.

We continue to implore the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary. May the Lord bless us all.

Your brother and co-worker,

Frank Padilla


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