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The Way Forward #2

August 1, 2007

Greetings of peace and joy, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. The restoration movement within CFC has led to the establishment of the restored CFC. Now our brethren ask: what now?

One of the reasons why we have established the restored CFC is to stop the rampage of the evil one (I refer to the devil and not to those who do not see things our way). To remain together is just to deepen the hurts, the pain, the recriminations, and therefore just widens the gap and disunity, and possibly resulting in irreparable damage to relationships (I still consider the "other side" as my brethren; I have always just raised issues and not made it personal). As it is now, quite a few brethren are quitting their service, lying low, and even leaving CFC. With the establishment of the restored CFC, there is now a clear choice. Either side no longer has to insist on having its own way. We can go our separate ways, and hopefully still be brethren (though separated), and even be a blessing to each other.

What should you do?
(1) Understand the issues. Search for the truth. In this regard, speak to both sides. In prayer, decide for yourself.
(2) Stay in your service for the moment, since it is God and the brethren whom you serve, not the leaders on either side. Continue to attend official CFC activities.
(3) Given this serious crisis in CFC, it is important for all elders (down to Chapter Heads) to know the issues so they can discern for themselves. With due prudence, elders can decide whether their unit and household leaders should be informed as well. Personally, I would be careful in bringing the issues down to the members, since they might be unduly disturbed and dismayed. But even here, truth should never be suppressed if anyone asks.
(4) Do not fight with your brethren who think differently from you. Now that there is a choice, appeal to them to handle this as brothers who have a serious difference but who now can part as still friends and brethren.
(5) If you decide to join the restored CFC, let us know. If those under you feel the same way, we will integrate them in the restored CFC. We will form our own structure and have our own activities.

God bless you. God bless CFC.

Your brother in Christ,

Frank Padilla

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The Way Forward #2- August 01, 2007 [PDF]
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