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November 04, 2016

My dear brethren, as we look forward to the next 35 years, I have made some restructuring of our community governance and we are striving to consolidate our pastoral structure in order to be stronger and more responsive to the opportunities that are ahead of us.

To better pursue our worldwide work and expansion, I have established the positions of Continent Coordinators (CoC) and Diaspora Coordinators (DC). The world is divided into 7 continents/regions, headed by a CoC. Basically, they have a twofold responsibility: (1) to be extensions of the Servant General (SG) and assist him in overseeing the worldwide work, and (2) to act as Counselors to the SG. They do not take over the governance of the individual countries, which continue with the Servant Councils (SC) or Country Servants (CoS). For matters regarding the SG that you do not feel comfortable or confident bringing up directly to him, you can go to the CoC.

The CoCs are:

  • Africa -- Tony Correia (based in Malawi)
  • Americas (Canada, USA, Latin America, West Indies) -- Ed Yamba (based in the USA)
  • Asia -- Nonong Contreras (based in Manila)
  • Europe -- Mike Frigge (based in Iceland)
  • Indian Subcontinent -- A.V. Jose (based in India)
  • Middle East -- Benjie Gadi (based in Manila)
  • Oceania -- Lachie Agana (based in Manila)

In addition, there are Diaspora Coordinators (DC). Their task is to have a particular focus on the evangelization of the members of a particular ethnic or national group that are living in other countries. DCs are also Councelors to the SG, forming together with the CoCs the International Body of Counselors (IBoC). The DCs are:

  • for Hispanics/Latinos -- Edwin Andrews (based in Tagaytay)
  • for Indians -- A.V. Jose (based in India)
  • for Indonesians -- Ed Paalam (based in Cagayan de Oro)
  • for Vietnamese -- John Peter Vui (based in Vietnam)

CFC-FFL in the different countries are governed by a Servant Council (SC) or a Country Servant (CoS). The center of the worldwide CFC-FFL family is the Philippines, where CFC started in 1981. Thus the SC in the Philippines is first-among-equals among the different SCs throughout the world. The members of the SC in the Philippines are:

  • Lachie Agana, who is also the Country Servant (CoS)
  • Manny Canlas
  • Maribel Descallar
  • Jojo Dunglao
  • Tony Espino
  • Jepoy Meneses
  • Oca Oblefias

An essential aspect of our life, charism and mission is family renewal. To this end we have the Family Ministries (FM). The following are our national Family Ministry Coordinators, who, in the same vein as above, function as first-among-equals among FM Coordinators throughout the world. As such, they have the stature of being international Coordinators. They are:

  • Family Ministries - Jepoy Meneses
  • Kids for Family and Life (KFL) - Jermer Cruz
  • Youth for Family and Life (YFL) - Dylan Reyes
  • Singles for Family and Life (SFL) - JC Sarmiento
  • Young Couples - Jay Pangan
  • Handmaids for Family and Life (HFL) - Maribel Descallar
  • Servants for Family and Life (SvFL) - Bambi Urgino

In this third millennium, as a lay response to the call to the New Evangelization, in order to mainstream Catholic lay evangelization, God gave us the privilege of coming up with and offering the Live Christ, Share Christ (LCSC) movement to our Catholic Church. LCSC is separate and distinct from CFC-FFL, but CFC-FFL has given LCSC its full embrace, becoming an essential part of its mission.

LCSC is not a community or group or association, but is a movement of the Holy Spirit. It is supported by a Core

Group composed of the following:

  • Moderator - Frank Padilla

Area Coordinators

  • NCR - Ray Cargullo
  • Luzon - Jess Lumbang
  • Visayas - Armat Mata
  • Mindanao - Ed Paalam

Pillar Coordinators

  • Live Pure - Joseph Tesoro
  • Live the Word - Santi Edralin
  • Live Life - Xavy Padilla
  • Life Full (No One in Need movement) - Cocoi Javier


  • Publics Coordinator - Mimi David
  • LCSC Institute for Formation and Training (LIFT) - Mon Arguelles
  • Secretariat - Tonette Pangan

In addition, LCSC has a smaller working group composed of Lachie Agana (in his capacity as CFC-FFL CoS), Cocoi Javier, Xavy Padilla (Chair), and Joseph Tesoro.

There are many other leaders and support groups not listed above. They remain as they are, unless changed by the SG.

Please give them due respect and support, as you would accord me. Please also keep them intently in your prayers.

God bless us all.

Frank Padilla
Servant General

(Pls disseminate this to our leaders and members as needed)

"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

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