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Meeting the Most Reverend Frederick Henry, DD
Bishop of Calgary
Oct, 23, 2007
Roman Catholic Diocese Office
7th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB

It was 9:00 AM Tuesday, the 23rd of October 2007, when Bishop Frederick Henry, the good bishop of Calgary, accommodated a meeting with a delegation of CFC-FFL Calgary. Present at that meeting were Bro. Frank and Sis. Gerry Padilla, Bros. Toto Palencia, Mon Unarce and Ferdie Gayos, together with Fr. Alfredo Pereira, the CFC spiritual director for past 7 years and now also the CFC-FFL spiritual adviser.

Bishop Henry opened the meeting by providing Bro. Frank with the opportunity to present to him what he came to say. Bro. Frank dealt with the issue of the separation as a consequence of the crisis and not the solution. The separation having been agreed upon for now by both parties (i.e., CFC and CFC-FFL), as the way to move forward. He also mentioned that this separation has the blessings and approval of the Philippine Bishops. It was also mentioned that this matter has already been brought to the attention of Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, who is the Vatican's Chairman of the International Commission of the Laity. Cardinal Rylko is now in consultation with the Philippine Bishops.

Bishop Henry noted the efforts of both parties to separate in a Christian way and to start focusing on the work instead of the conflict. He ended by advising CFC-FFL to issue a 1 or 2 pager notice about the existence of 2 CFC groups so that he, in turn, can take the matter up with the pastors and heads of the deaneries.

A photo was taken and the good bishop wished Bro. Frank and Sis. Gerry a blessed and fruitful trip as they wind up their visit in North America.

Contributed by:

Ferdie Gayos
Social Ministry Head
CFC-FFL Calgary
Oct. 25, 2007

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