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Seniors Assembly

Seniors1 are the following:

1) The Servant General and Country Servants 2
2) District Servants, Cluster Servants, and Chapter Servants
3) Region Coordinators and Area Coordinators 3
4) Regional Coordinators and Country Coordinators
5) Overall heads of ministries and their sub-groups 4
6) Overall heads of functional groups 5
7) Members of the Body of Counselors
8) District core team members
9) Ministry (Family, Social, Pro-Life) core team members 6
10) Cluster coordinators of YFL and KFL
11) Cluster coordinators of Social Ministries and Pro-Life

In areas that have been designated as districts,7 the seniors come together in a monthly 8prayer assembly involving all the above plus the following: 9

1) Spouses of seniors
2) Full-time pastoral workers
3) Former seniors 10
4) Strategic individuals 11

  • Major parish leaders (PPC head, BEC head, etc.)
  • Heads or major leaders of parish religious groups

Attendance at the Seniors Assembly is a must for all the above. The purpose of the Seniors Assembly is the following:

1) To provide a communal support environment for seniors. 12
2) To help strengthen our overall life and mission.
3) To provide a venue for fellowship and networking among seniors. 13

The following, not formally a part of the Seniors Assembly, can attend as guests.

1) Members coming from outside the territory, both local and from abroad.
2) Diocesan Liaisons and Parish Liaisons.
3) Heads of our parish CFC-FFL groups. 14
4) Others as cleared by the Chapter Servant or District Servant.

(SG. May 27, 2009)

1 Formerly called “elders.”
2 The Country Servant is the overall head of a country.
3 For Metro Manila, this includes the MM Mission Coordinator, the Luzon Mission Coordinator, the Visayas Mission Coordinator and the Mindanao Mission Coordinator. In other countries, it would be their counterparts.
4 Family Ministries, Social Ministries, Pro-life. Also the major sub-groups thereat.
5 Home Office, PFO, etc.
6 Included are the core teams of each of the Family Ministries (KFL, YFL, SFL, HFL, SvFL).
7 In Metro Manila there are 7 districts but only one Seniors Assembly.
8Except in December, if the regularly scheduled Seniors Assembly is in the second half of the month.
9 These persons are not considered “seniors” though they are included in the Seniors Assembly.
10 Those who are no longer serving as seniors not because of their own transgression. Such former seniors may opt not to be a part of the Seniors Assembly.
11 These individuals may opt not to be a part of the Seniors Assembly.
12 The Seniors Assembly is normally a regular prayer assembly. However, its content and format may be adapted to whatever will be helpful at that time for the seniors. For example, there could be an extended teaching, or a video presentation, or a “town hall” type of interactive meeting, etc.
13 It is up to individuals to fellowship and network before and after the assembly itself.
14This is the top leader, not yet a senior, of CFC-FFL in a parish. If we have just one household, then it is the Household Servant. If one unit, it is the Unit Servant.

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