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Tony Correia is a gift to the CFC-FFL community. He is the Country Servant of India, one of the most populous countries in the world. He tirelessly travels around India spreading the Gospel. He is implementing a radical new way of thinking: “Gift-based service”. We are proud to be his family.

Jonelle Junio is a servant leader of CFC-YFL. During Typhoon Ondoy two years ago, she was serving at a CFC-KFL Kids Camp. Her home was submerged in flood water. Serving saved her and her family. She continues to serve within the community, and is an inspiration to many. Her resolve shows us that we can overcome any Typhoon that comes our way!

April Frigge is a woman on a mission. To show the world that being pro-life is not a choice, it is a must! She is married to Michael (Country Servant of Iceland) and they have 6 kids.

Sol and daughter Salve are pillars of strength. Read more about them in our June 2011 issue of STT Magazine (available for free at the Home Office or with your District Servants).

Menchie Donato is one strong woman. She lost her husband, Ben, while he was on mission in Vanuatu. She and her daughter, Bambi, were left to fend for themselves. But even through that, they continued his missionary calling. Menchie and Bambi both became missionaries, and Menchie continues to be a missionary for the CFC-FFL community and goes around the world spreading the truth of God’s love and faithfulness.

Narcing and Lorie Eguia are tireless servants of the community. They regularly go to the northern provinces to serve and spend time with the CFC-FFL brethren there. Evangelization and love, not armed struggle. A big change because of God’s big love. They are great examples of a couple bringing their whole family into renewal – living out our call to renew the family and defend life!

Andy Mokalake is our fulltime missionary from Gaborone, Botswana. In a continent that is liberal in it’s views regarding family, life and chastity, Andy stands out in his conviction to live pure and to follow the Lord.

People always ask: “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Tristan has the answer.

Tristan is married to Lydes, and they have two wonderful boys. They live in Michigan, and are active members of CFC-FFL there. Read more about him, his family and the answer to the question above by going here: The Permissive Will of God.

This was taken before Typhoon Pedring hit their homes. What was left of their homes were also affected by that Typhoon. Now, we are again helping them stand up and re-build. Some of them are being relocated to our other Work with the Poor areas.

Continue to pray and help our members.

(In photo: Rosanna Sabagkit, Purita Casoy and Malou dela Cruz)

On her 5th month of pregnancy with our third child, my wife Wang’s ultrasound showed abnormality in our baby’s head. Hydrocephalus was confirmed to be developing. Maybe due to the history of such cases in the Philippines, Wang was advised that she still had the choice not to continue with the pregnancy. Not knowing what to do, we tried to seek for a second opinion, only to hear the same recommendations. Only then did we decide that it is not up to us anymore and that if God will take our baby from us after birth, then so be it. Read more . . .

If there was someone even more tireless than our Servant General, it would be our Spiritual Director Fr. Francis Gustilo, SDB. He goes around the world giving advice, showing love and imparting wisdom to all our brothers and sisters. He is also teaching our fulltime pastoral workers in one of their courses in Don Bosco Center of Studies for their Masters in Religious Studies. He is also part of the International Theological Commission of the Vatican. And he is doing even so much more than that for community members and non-community members. He has a heart of gold.

We are proud to call him our friend.

Ryan and Rose Asinas are servant-leaders of Rome, Italy. Ryan was someone you would not want to bring home to introduce to your parents. But his love for Rose changed him into a better person. And now, their marriage and family are further strengthened in their life with God and community.

They are tireless in their work for the Youth in Italy and all over Europe. Because the love that changed them is something they want to share with others.

Everyone knows Frank Padilla, Servant General and Founder of Couples for Christ. But do you know who he WAS? His story comes straight out of a novel. With twists and turns, near-death experiences and high drama. But all that changed when he chose God.

Now his twists and turns come from traveling the world spreading the Gospel. He has death-defying and high drama moments with his adventures with nature. And all that comes out from an endless spring of God’s love.

And we can all have that, too. Choose God. He chose you first.

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