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Catholic Teaching on Voting for Pro-Abortion Candidates
Part 9

Abortion is an intrinsic evil. Being pro-abortion is also participating in evil. Now voting for an openly and rabidly pro-abortion candidate when there is a pro-life opponent is also participating in evil. This can never be the way for a Catholic, nor for a CFC-FFL member.

God bless.


Right to Be a 1-Issue Voter?
US Bishop Clarifies Reasoning of Pro-life Ballot

SCRANTON, Pennsylvania, OCT. 3, 2008 ( Issues beside abortion should be taken into account when voting, but should not be given the same relevance unless they carry the same level of moral gravity, says the bishop of Scranton.

In a letter to be read at all Masses this weekend in the diocese, Bishop Joseph Martino considers the argument: "As wrong as abortion is, I don't think it is the only relevant 'life' issue that should be considered when deciding for whom to vote."

The prelate clarifies: "This reasoning is sound only if other issues carry the same moral weight as abortion does, such as in the case of euthanasia and destruction of embryos for research purposes. Health care, education, economic security, immigration and taxes are very important concerns. […] However, the solutions to problems in these areas do not usually involve a rejection of the sanctity of human life in the way that abortion does."

As proof of the point, Bishop Martino said, "Consider this: The finest health and education systems, the fairest immigration laws and the soundest economy do nothing for the child who never sees the light of day. It is a tragic irony that 'pro-choice' candidates have come to support homicide -- the gravest injustice a society can tolerate -- in the name of 'social justice.'"

The 62-year-old bishop went on to say that even the just war theory "has moral force because it is grounded in the principle that innocent human life must be protected and defended."

He continued, "Now, a person may, in good faith, misapply just war criteria leading him to mistakenly believe that an unjust war is just, but he or she still knows that innocent human life may not be harmed on purpose. A person who supports permissive abortion laws, however, rejects the truth that innocent human life may never be destroyed."

The Church's primary task of helping men and women reach salvation means "it is incumbent upon bishops to correct Catholics who are in error regarding these matters. Furthermore, public officials who are Catholic and who persist in public support for abortion and other intrinsic evils should not partake in or be admitted to the sacrament of holy Communion," Bishop Martino added.


Bishop Martino concluded by recalling the example of a German bishop who similarly spoke out in defense of the innocent in 1941: He gave a homily condemning the Nazis for killing the mentally ill.

"Should he have opposed the war and remained silent about the murder of the mentally ill? No person of conscience can fail to understand why Bishop von Galen spoke as he did," Bishop Martino said.

And he added: "My dear friends, I beg you not to be misled by confusion and lies. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, does not ask us to follow him to Calvary only for us to be afraid of contradicting a few bystanders along the way. He does not ask us to take up his cross only to have us leave it at the voting booth door.

"Recently, Pope Benedict XVI said that 'God is so humble that he uses us to spread his word.' The gospel of life, which we have the privilege of proclaiming, resonates in the heart of every person -- believer and nonbeliever -- because it fulfills the heart's most profound desire.

"Let us with one voice continue to speak the language of love and affirm the right of every human being to have the value of his or her life, from conception to natural death, respected to the highest degree."

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"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

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