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"The Signs of the Times"

Satan attacks what is of God. Satan uses lies to overwhelm truth. Satan opposes the Church and seeks to destroy her, oftentimes using media.

This comes in many ways. In our own experience, the enemy used lies and maligning to attack CFC and its remnant CFC-FFL. In the political arena, lies and maligning are hurled against Villar, who is pro-God, pro-life (anti-RH), pro-family and pro-poor. This has to do with God's work because the Philippines is destined to be God's light in Asia and to the world, and a godly President will help that come to pass. Now the very head of the holy Roman Catholic Church is attacked, with lies and maligning, through media and dissident Catholics. The evil one is intent on trying to destroy the Church, often using the enemy within.

How do we respond? We pray fervently. We continue to move forward on the path of holiness. We rejoice in the privilege of embracing the cross of Christ and experiencing redemptive suffering. We continue to speak the truth and work for justice.

We pray for Christ's protection upon his vicar, Pope Benedict XVI, with confidence that the gates of hell will not prevail over God's Church.

Bishops Worldwide Affirm Support for Pope

Decry Campaign to Discredit the Church

MADRID, Spain, APRIL 2, 2010 ( Countless bishops from across the globe have weighed in to support Benedict XVI as he is slandered by media accusations regarding the sex abuse scandal.

They agree that a campaign in under way to discredit the Church and they are calling Catholics to prayer and communion with the Vicar of Christ.

"The visible head of the Mystical Body of Christ has been mistreated by enemies of the Church, with unheard of lack of respect for the truth and with a display of incredible cynicism," remarked Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne, archbishop of Lima, at the chrism Mass he celebrated Wednesday. "Behind it all we can see an attack on the Church to harm her.

"We, his children, cannot remain silent. Prayer is the main weapon that the Holy Spirit puts at his disposal.

"Let us pray for the Pope, for the Church, for the bishops, for priests and for consecrated life. [...] Let us seek personal sanctity with greater force."

The episcopal conference from Paraguay sent a letter to Benedict XVI affirming "support, communion and solidarity."

The bishops expressed their "communion with the Pope, at this moment of pain because of the attacks he receives in his character of pastor of the universal Church" -- attacks that seek "to weaken his voice and moral authority."

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)

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