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The secular forces of the enemy are becoming bolder and more aggressive in assaulting the Christian Churches. But here is the Orthodox Coptic Pope standing up against the injustice of secular liberal government. He has drawn a line in the sand. He will rather suffer the consequences than be unfaithful to Christ.

Liberal, pro-choice governments will continue to persecute and oppress God's people who stand for marriage, family and life. There will be fines, arrests, imprisonment, confiscation of property. But the Church has always stood stronger whenever she is persecuted. The blood of the martyrs are what strengthen the Church. And while Christians are not today being fed to the lions, they nevertheless face great losses and pains. This is a great time for martyrdom, to be true witnesses to our faith.

Egyptian Coptic Pope Shenouda III Fined For Stand Against Divorce

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

CAIRO, September 27, 2010 ( - The Egyptian Supreme Administrative Court has issued a decision requiring Orthodox Coptic Pope Shenouda III to pay damages of approximately 19,500 Egyptian pounds to church member Magdi William who sued the Coptic Church over its refusal to issue a certificate to re-marry after he divorced his wife.

In May, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled in favor of another litigant seeking re-marriage, Hani Wasfi Naguib, stating that under Egyptian law the Coptic Orthodox Church must allow its members to divorce and remarry.

However, after an appeal of that decision by the Coptic Church, the Supreme Constitutional Court overturned the ruling by the Supreme Administrative Court, stating that marital matters are under the sole jurisdiction of the church because civil marriage without a religious ceremony is not recognized in Egypt.

The Orthodox Coptic Church forbids divorce and re-marriage except in cases of proven adultery or religious conversion of a spouse.

In the current case, Pope Shenouda lost an appeal to overturn the court verdict in favor of William, despite the Constitutional Court ruling.

According to Al-Masry Al-Youm news service, the Coptic pope has refused to pay the fine, and instead said he would defrock any priest who allows a divorced Christian to remarry, except under the allowed conditions.

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"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)

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