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The debate on sex education in schools in the Philippines continues. Well, we know where all of this leads to. The homosexual and anti-life activists will gladly accept a dilution of their desired sex ed programs in order to just get them accepted, knowing that ultimately they will have their way. This has been the pattern.

The homosexualist forces have a firm agenda, to get society to accept LGBT behavior as normal, even desirable. Sex education is just one aspect of their advocacy. Unfortunately, people easily fall for their arguments and their misleading statistics.

These anti-life forces not only want to force their LGBT agenda on us all, but they even want to prevent any pro-life or pro-family activities, such as abstinence education. They are all-out to destroy the family and life.

HHS: Make Obamacare Sex Ed Programs Gay-Inclusive

By James Tillman

WASHINGTON, DC, August 3, 2010 ( - Last Friday, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released a funding announcement encouraging the Personal Responsibility and Education Program (PREP) to "consider the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth" and to be inclusive of such participants.

The PREP program, which was established by the new federal health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), provides federal funding to state programs ostensibly designed to delay sexual activity, increase condom and contraceptive use, and reduce pregnancy.

The program is explicitly prohibited from giving funds to abstinence-only education.

About $55 million is available to states and territories under PREP. Its target audience consists of youths aged ten to nineteen.

Ty Cobb of the homosexualist Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said that the "HRC has long opposed federal funding for abstinence-only programs because they exclude, or even denigrate LGBT students."

He lauded the inclusion of homosexual youth in Friday's announcement as a positive step. He also called on Congress to stop funding all abstinence education "and instead support comprehensive sexuality education that empowers students, LGBT and straight alike, to live healthy lives."

The Obama administration has consistently supported the homosexualist agenda. Among Obama’s many overtures to the homosexualist movement, he has included homosexual couples in National Family Day, strongly supported the repeal of the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, inserted gay "fathers" in his Fathers' Day proclamation, and tried to force employers to give gay partners unpaid leave.

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)

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