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Now it is a human rights violation to criticize the Miss Universe pageant? First of all, Micher only said what was true. Such pageants exploit women, and this one went further when it asked a number of the contestants to pose for nude pictures. These women are indeed exhibited like cows!

But this is consistent with the anti-life, anti-family, homosexualist agenda. They want to promote sex, pleasure, hedonism. They want to exhibit women as sex objects, while the women themselves consent to it. They are out to promote a lifestyle of sexual freedom.

Thus, in the same way that they take to court those who speak against homosexuality, those who pray around abortion clinics, those who will not allow adoption of children by homosexual couples, etc., so now it is investigating Micher for a human right violation. It can become so ridiculous, but unfortunately it is a reality in our midst.

Mexico City Official Investigated for 'Human Rights' Violation for Criticizing Miss Universe Pageant

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent

MEXICO CITY, September 3, 2010 ( - A Mexico City official is being investigated for "human rights" violations following a statement she made on national radio criticizing the Miss Universe contest.

Martha Lucía Micher, chief of Mexico City's Institute of Women (INMUJERES-DF), told an interviewer with MVS Radio that "really I don't love [the Miss Universe pageant] and there are many women who don't love to see how they exhibit us like cows."

Miss Universe contestants exhibit their bodies to judges while dressed in extremely small string bikinis during the competition. The swimsuit segment is regarded as one of the most important for determining the contest's winner.

Micher's comments were not well received in Mexico following the recent crowning of Jimena Navarrete, a 22-year-old Mexican, as Miss Universe. Following a public outcry, Micher appeared on Radio Formula to apologize profusely for her statements.

"I take responsibility for what I said. I think that I unintentionally caused damage, but it was never my intention to damage the dignity, damage the person of Jimena [Navarrete]," said Micher.

However, following complaints filed by various civil organizations, Mexico City's Human Rights Commission (CDHDF) agreed that a possible human rights violation had occurred, and yesterday announced that it would initiate an investigation against Micher, according to the El Universal newspaper.

CDHDF has issued a press release stating that the case will be assigned to Guadalupe Cabrera Ramírez of the agency's fourth investigative division.

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