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I have always disliked McDonald's simply because of its bland tasteless food. No comparison at all to Jollibee or other hamburger fastfoods. But for all you McDo lovers, this is a good reason not to patronize them any longer.
McDonald's Ad Promotes Teenage Homosexuality

By James Tillman and John-Henry Westen

France, June 2, 2010 ( - A new McDonald's ad in France, part of their large "come as you are" ad campaign, features a homosexual teen speaking sweetly to his male paramour before he is forced to closet his emotions before a presumably insensitive father.

"We see McDonald's decision to backhand hundreds of millions of traditional family values people," Bill Johnson, President of the American Decency Association, told LifeSiteNews, "and align themselves with promoting the godless behavior of a few."

In the add, a boy sitting in McDonald's receives a call from his lover while his father orders a meal. He tells his lover that he was thinking about him, and that he misses him, before he hangs up because his father is coming.

After his father sits down next to him, his father tells him that it is a shame that he is in an all-male class, because otherwise he would be able to get all the girls.

This is not McDonald's first homosexualist activism. In 2008, McDonalds paid $20,000 dollars to become an official "organizational ally and corporate partner" of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC).

In the same year, McDonald's also helped sponsor the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade; Richard Ellis, vice president of communications for McDonald's USA, was also appointed to the board of directors of the NGLCC.

Yet because of a boycott started by the American Family Association on July 3rd of that year, Richard Ellis left the board of the NGLCC and McDonald's said that it did not plan to renew its membership with the NGLCC.

Bill Johnson called the new television spot "one of the most bewildering kinds of advertisements when you consider the fact that so many Americans across this country have done business with McDonald's."

He said that they were "testing, testing once again the marketplace, by running obvious[ly] pro-gay ads," despite their previous conflict with pro-family activists.

Contact info for McDonald's:

Andrew J. McKenna, President
McDonald's Corporation USA
McDonald's Plaza
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 1-800-244-6227
or: 630-623-3000
Fax: 630-623-5004
Website email

McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited
McDonald's Place
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M3C 3L4
Ph: (416) 443-3932
Fax: (416) 446-3443

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