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This is the guy who is leading the charge against family and life throughout the world. Obama is a modern-day anti-christ.

Glenn Beck Reveals President Obama’s Deep Socialist Roots

By Peter J. Smith

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 7, 2010 ( – Conservative commentator Glenn Beck revealed on his FOX News television show that President Obama’s upbringing was steeped in socialism, the primary political ideology that Beck contends formed the man who has made clear he intends to “fundamentally transform America.”

While Beck emphasized repeatedly that he was not attacking Obama’s family, he said that Americans should know the philosophical foundations of Obama’s life and that “the tragedy of this kid’s childhood is staggering."

“His parents seemed to place radical politics over everything else, including their little boy,” said Beck. “How many of us have been abandoned for a Marxist political theory or politics? This didn’t happen to little Barack Obama once, but twice, by both parents.”

Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr., Beck described as “a committed communist,” who left his son at the tender age of two to pursue his Harvard education as an economist and then return to Kenya as a bureaucrat. The Senior Obama advised Kenya’s government to redistribute income by higher taxes, and would also quote Marx to express his distrust of the capitalist system.

Regarding Stanley Ann Dunham, the U.S. president's mother, Beck said that a friend of Dunham described her as a “fellow traveler” – a code word for committed Marxists – and she was alleged to be a practitioner of “critical theory,” which Beck described as “Marx to the extreme.”

Beck pointed out that Obama himself described his mother in his autobiography Dreams of My Father as “the dominant figure in my formative years,” and said that “The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the words of politics.”

“I’m sure she was a great mom,” Beck said of Dunham, but he emphasized that the passage showed that his mother had a critical ideological influence on Obama and his political vision.

Dunham moved from Hawaii to Indonesia, and later left her son with her parents in order to pursue a life for herself in Pakistan, according to the pundit.

Although Obama portrayed his mother’s parents in his autobiography as “conservative Methodists and Baptists from Kansas,” Beck said that the available evidence revealed a different story.

Beck said Obama’s grandparents, who raised Obama while he was in high school, actually attended the Eastshore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington - a hotbed of radical leftists. He said the church was described by the Chicago Tribune as the “little red church on the hill,” and that communist John Stenhouse “also happened to serve as the church president - possibly contributing to the ‘red’ label.”

In addition, said Beck, Barack’s grandfather introduced Obama to a Black communist to be his personal mentor. Obama would only identify the mentor in his autobiography as “Frank,” but Beck pointed to a New Zealand blogger who claimed to discover that Obama was referring to Frank Marshall Davis, “a black poet and a communist with an FBI file.”

“It is amazing to me, this kid didn’t have a chance to be rooted in the Founding Fathers, this guy doesn’t have a chance to actually think anything but radical thoughts based on everybody on his life so far,” exclaimed Beck.

Again, Beck pointed to Obama’s autobiography where he includes “the Marxist professors” among those friends whom he said he chose carefully.

Beck concluded that the trajectory of Obama’s life shows the President has always been influenced mainly by Marxist/socialist theory, even in the selection of his church, which he attended for over 20 years: Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church, which espoused “black liberation theology – Marxism.”

“When, when did he change?” said Beck, arguing that no evidence exists to even indicate how, when, or why Obama would have had a fundamental political conversion from his Marxist/socialist roots.

“When you build the house, the first thing you do is pour a foundation. He wants to fundamentally transform this county. He is the architect and they are building something,” concluded Beck.

“We know what his foundation is. What is he building on that foundation?”

See the full video segment from FOX News’ Glenn Beck program here.

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