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"The Signs of the Times"

World leaders are meeting about climate change and global warming, with the supposedly dire consequences for the whole world. But other scientists have debunked such as myths. They say there is no such imminent danger for the world. I personally am unsure what to believe. But one thing is clear: the secular liberal homosexualist radical forces are using climate change as a bogey in order to push their diabolical agenda of population control, spearheaded by legalizing and even mandating abortion throughout the world. To do this, they are moving on to centralizing world political power. This way they will pass laws by which to overturn even the pro-life provisions in the constitutions of many nations. This way they will use whatever coercive methods are necessary in order to impose its diabolical will.

The issue then is not about the environment. It is about population control and abortion. This situation is not about a human problem, but about the work of satanic forces. This is why a primary focus is the attack on the Church, particularly the Roman Catholic Church. She is the one standing in opposition to these satanic forces. The attacks are on family and life, as these are God's creation.

We must firmly stand for life, and vigorously and boldly oppose the work of Satan and his cohorts.

Prominent Canadian Journalist Calls for Imposed Planetary One-Child Policy

By John-Henry Westen

TORONTO, December 9, 2009 ( - In a column published yesterday in one of the major Canadian national newspapers, Diane Francis, the Editor-at-Large of the National Post, has called for a globally enforced one-child policy taken after the example of China. "A planetary law, such as China's one-child policy, is the only way to reverse the disastrous global birthrate currently of one million births every four days," writes Francis.

Commenting on the ongoing climate talks in Copenhagen, where world leaders are deliberating on possible solutions to hypothetical environmental catastrophes, Francis says, "None will work unless a China one-child policy is imposed."

In an attempt to forestall criticism of her proposal Francis stated, "For those who balk at the notion that governments should control family sizes, just wait until the growing human population turns twice as much pasture land into desert as is now the case or when the Amazon is gone, the elephants disappear for good and wars erupt over water, scarce resources and spatial needs."

Don Feder, a free-lance journalist and former media consultant for the documentary films Demographic Winter and the Demographic Bomb responded to Francis' assertions in an interview with

The films document scientific evidence that, rather than overpopulation, civilization will soon be feeling the effects of the collapse of demographic growth, with most nations not achieving even a replacement birthrate of 2.1 children per woman.

Questioning Francis' proposal to impose a one-child policy, Feder asked: "Did she say how she wants to enforce this, if she wants to enforce it with fines, or imprisonment, or execution, or castration?" Feder added, "It's amazing that someone can look at China, with forced abortions, forced sterilizations and female infanticide, and can see that as a model and say 'we need that on a planetary scale.' It's mind boggling."

Francis' comments, he said, "expose these neo-Malthusians as the coercive utopians that they are. They actually want to punish people for having large families, and I think they would if they had the means to do so."

While Francis is well known for her fiscally conservative stance, she is also radically pro-abortion. In a 2002 column she exclaimed: "Any law that would force someone to have a child she did not want, or could not look after or have to put up for adoption, would be an act of state-sanctioned violence."

Francis has a particular animosity towards religion. Lamenting the inability to enforce a one-child policy, she said, "Unfortunately, there are powerful opponents. Leaders of the world's big fundamentalist religions preach in favor of procreation and fiercely oppose birth control."

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)
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