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God's plan is perfect and wonderful. God's design permeates the very essence of life, of love, of family. The anti-life forces not only seek to destroy life in the womb (and outside the womb), but seek to destroy the fullness and abundance of life that Jesus came to bring. The anti-life forces are thus also anti-family, anti-Church and anti-God.

The Holy Father, in affirming the mystery of childbirth, touches on the attendant design of God, and on what the world will be deprived of by embracing the culture of death.
* With contraception and abortion, would-be parents will not experience the action of the Creator, to in effect be partners with God Himself in the mystery of conception and birth.
* With broken families, children coming into the world will not be welcomed into the warmth and wholeness of a family according to God's intent.
* With a contraceptive mentality that comes from selfishness, couples are deprived of the blessing and joy of making sacrifices for their children.
* With same-sex unions where children are adopted, these children are deprived of the love of a father and a mother.
* With dysfunctional families, children have no sense of security as they grow.
* With valueless sex education, parents are deprived of the right to educate their children in a loving environment, and children are deprived of the solid education that comes from truly loving parents.
* With break-up of marriages, couples no longer experience the blessings of conjugal love, of sacrificial giving of themselves to each other and to their children.

The enemy is aware that "every human creature who enters into the world is a 'sign' par excellence of the Creator and Father in heaven." Thus Satan does all he can to oppose God and His plan for the life of the world.

Let us continue to oppose the works of Satan. Let us celebrate the mystery of childbirth. Let us work to renew the family and to defend life, and thus attain to the fullness and abundance of life as intended by Jesus.

Pontiff Affirms Mystery of Childbirth

Stresses Child's Need for Parental Love

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 1, 2011 ( Benedict XVI is highlighting the mystery of childbirth, in which parents are offered a chance to experience the action of their Creator.

The Pope stated this Dec. 26, the Feast of the Holy Family, before praying the midday Angelus with the pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square.

He reflected on the "profound mystery" that surrounded the birth of Jesus.

"The birth of any child brings with it something of this mystery," the Pontiff said.

He affirmed that "human beings experience procreation not merely as reproductive act; they perceive its richness; they are intuitively aware that every human creature who enters into the world is a 'sign' par excellence of the Creator and Father in heaven."

The Holy Father underlined the need "for each child coming into the world to be welcomed into the warmth of a family."

He continued: "Exterior comforts are not important. Jesus was born in a stable and his first cradle was a manger, but the love of Mary and Joseph made him feel the tenderness and beauty of being loved."

"This is what children need: the love of a father and mother," Benedict XVI stated.

He added, "This is what gives them a sense of security and, as they grow, enables them to discover the meaning of life."

The Pontiff acknowledged that the Holy Family went through many trials such as "the massacre of the innocents, which forced Joseph and Mary to flee to Egypt."

"But, trusting in Divine Providence, they found their stability and ensured Jesus had a serene infancy and a solid education," he added.

The Holy Father entrusted "all families to Mary and Joseph, that they may not be discouraged in the face of trials and difficulties but always cultivate conjugal love and dedicate themselves faithfully to the service of life and education.

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)
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