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It seems unimaginable that parents will be imprisoned just because they want to protect their children from state sex education. Or be imprisoned for pulling their children out of schools and homeschooling them. But this is what is happening in Germany.

The anti-life forces always accuse Christians who speak against homosexuality as bigots. But what Germany does is the greatest bigotry of all. Anti-life forces are insistent on the right of choice, but they deny such choice to those who oppose their views. Do not be mislead. The anti-life forces are bent (hell bent is appropriate) in imposing their liberal secular humanist culture on the world. They will tolerate no opposition. They will bring on the new persecution of Christians who will suffer for their beliefs.

Where does it all start? With RH (reproductive health). The contraceptive mentality will lead to abortion, to same-sex marriage, to valueless state-sponsored sex education, to sexual promiscuity, to breakdown of marriage and family, to the collapse of society.

Refusing State Sex Education Lands Parents in Jail

Global Groups Defend German Families

MADRID, Spain, MARCH 18, 2011 ( A growing number of organizations are defending the rights of German families to remove their children from state-sponsored sex education, as more parents have been imprisoned for refusing to send their children to the classes.

The case of one woman, Irene Wiens, who refused to send her children to the classes in 2006 is now before the European Court of Human Rights. Her husband already served a six-week jail term, and Irene Wiens is now in jail. The couple refused to send their children to the classes, saying that they present a permissive view of human sexuality in conflict with their religious convictions. According to the U.S.-based Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing the case, four other parents have also been imprisoned. In Spain, Professionals for Ethics is promoting a declaration in favor of Wiens, which has been endorsed by 43 associations from Spain, Ireland, Italy, the United States, Kenya and other countries. Just this week at the United Nations in New York, the Holy See's permanent observer reminded that parents have a right to educate their children according to their beliefs, "including education about authentic human love, marriage, and the family."
"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)
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