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Begin forwarded message:

From: Frank Padilla <>

Date: May 8, 2010 2:31:59 PM GMT+08:00

Subject: the final conflict and the path of the cross

I share with you the following email. Satan is the father of lies, and unfortunately he is able to deceive Catholics, even renewed ones in CFC, and keep them from seeing the truth. Obama indeed was elected due to the support of many Catholics in the US and the silence of the hierarchy. Now there is the possibility of Noynoy being elected with the support of many Catholics, including bishops, priests and nuns. We are in for a fight, because the enemy is within, even in CFC-FFL itself.

We must stand up for what is right. The crisis in 2007 cut our membership but God raised a remnant that will truly do His will. He also focused us on the work of renewing the family and defending life, which are the core issues in the spiritual conflict of the third millennium. We are supposed to be a holy remnant. We cannot be holy if we accept, wittingly or unwittingly, the intrinsic evil that is RH and being pro-choice. We will continue to speak against the culture of death, and stand up for authentic Catholic teaching, as expressed by the Holy Father. If we lose more members because of this, so be it. I prefer a solid core of pro-family and pro-life brethren than a bigger number of brethren who have become the enemy within.

Other religious groups and some clerics and bishops are too concerned about losing their flock, to the point of not rocking the boat and not speaking about the evils of RH. I remind them: such brethren, if they persist in their beliefs, are no longer the Lord's flock, but belong to the enemy. Speak the truth, so that they can be enlightened and truly become the Lord's flock. Otherwise, what such groups and clerics fear would happen, that of losing them, is actually what has already happened.

We lost brethren who did not want to learn the lessons of Lamentations, but preferred to just be fulfilled in Christ. We may lose brethren who do not like to learn the lessons of Job, but prefer the gospel of prosperity (popular Catholic preachers are already on that track). This is why our theme for this year, given the further lessons of this political exercise, is so important. We must have the righteousness of Job and experience his suffering in order that we might be holy instruments of redemption in the world.

Win or lose this election, win or lose some brethren, win or lose the support of some bishops and priests, we serve only the Almighty God, and we serve only the true Church that Jesus founded, with the Holy Father as his vicar. I warn you: that is the sure path of the cross. We will be opposed, we will be persecuted, we will be ridiculed. But we will be looked on with love and favor by our Lord.

These are exciting times. These are the end times. We face the final conflict. It is about family and life.

May the grace and truth of God always be with you. God bless.

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Ratcliffe, Marjorie" <>

Date: May 7, 2010 11:20:31 PM GMT+08:00To: "Frank Padilla" <>

Subject: RE: - Thursday May 6, 2010

Dear Mr. Padilla,

I have been a member of CFC for about 6 years now and like you, I am very much in defense of life at the moment of conception. When Obama was elected, I was surprised to see how many in our Unit were in favor of him despite that fact that they know he is the most pro-abortion candidate. I would like to suggest that as part of the agenda for future CLS to include teachings regarding abortion and contraception and why these are intrinsically evil and how they contribute in destroying the family and life. Having our leaders go thru seminars and teaching them as well so they can in turn teach and evangelize. In the six years that I have been a member, they did not teach these things, which I think is very important so members will know the reason behind it and why the Church takes a stand, as well as preserving the family.

Thank you and God bless!

From: Frank Padilla []
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2010 11:48 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: Fwd: - Thursday May 6, 2010

Hello all. I point you to Steve's introduction. First, even in the Vatican there will be those who will not fully appreciate the intense war that is raging for and against life. How much more with bishops. How much even more with priests.

Second, he talks of Governor Crist who avers being pro-life, but will not act decisively on what he claims he stands for. In this intense culture war, there is no such middle ground. One is either a soldier of Christ right there in the trenches, or is a desk-bound Christian just observing from afar. Walang pakialam.

By the way, please subscribe to LifeSiteNews. It is free. It will keep you updated on pro-life happenings around the world. One of our greatest challenges is educating people about pro-life. With LifeSiteNews, a few minutes each day will keep you informed and at the cutting edge of the culture wars.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "" <>
Date: May 7, 2010 11:26:57 AM GMT+08:00
Subject: - Thursday May 6, 2010

A Wednesday report, More Abortions Coming from Poor, Minority Women: Guttmacher, was mistakenly not sent out yesterday. Sorry about that.

A number of notable international pro-life and Catholic leaders are astounded that Archbishop Fisichella appears set to be appointed to a high level position in the Vatican. This is happening despite the scandal of his continued and vehement justification of a huge blunder regarding that Brazilian abortion situation last year. These are indeed very strange times.

Florida governor Charlie Crist seems to be confirming that, when the chips are down, he can't be counted on. Instead of standing up for principles, he is giving that classic, tired, empty excuse of moral cowards - "I am personally pro-life" but unwilling "to impose my will on others." Sigh. Tell that to the dead babies and many devastated moms who regret their abortions. Crist appears to be willing to allow the abortion fanatics to continue to impose their will on America.

Steve Jalsevac

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)
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