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"The Signs of the Times"

There is a global conspiracy of western elites to depopulate the world. It is not only abortion and contraception they are pushing, but also GMOs. Western governments especially the USA are complicit. Big corporations participate due to the huge profits. Multinational pharmaceutical companies make billions in treating the illnesses that occur. These eugenicists have brought the culture of death right to our homes through the food we eat. This is a concerted global effort, the ultimate work of diabolical forces. These merchants of death have interfered with God's own design, and the consequences will be horrible.

Have you seen the movie series Resident Evil? Well, the Umbrella Corporation could very well be existing in other forms. Such is no longer just science fiction. We are all being turned into some kind of zombies. The consequences for humankind is dreadful to think about.

What should we do? Expand our thinking and knowledge about pro-life advocacy. The RH fight is just a small aspect of the overall diabolical plan of Satan. Then consider how the Philippines can truly be the bastion for family and life in the world. It is not just educating our children about sex, but also about the food they eat. It is not just about fighting corruption in government, but about what we can do to redirect its political, economic and social policies.

For example, if we gave agriculture the emphasis it deserves, we can get back to growing organic food using organic compost as fertilizers (rejecting the GMO seeds and destructive chemical fertilizers). Agriculture is even the way to decongest the cities and fight poverty. If we resist the exploitation of our natural resources where we get a pittance compared to the huge profits of the multinationals, and that pittance is pocketed mostly by the elites in our midst, we can have a beautiful environment-friendly land that we can all enjoy, through the generations after us.

Let us throw off the yoke of western imperialism and colonialism. This will need a re-orientation of how we think and do things. Our business elites are mostly formed by western minds and methods, and our government elites are subservient to such bodies as the IMF and World Bank. We are a Christian nation. What we need to know about life and living as God's people has already been revealed by God.

Well, I must be dreaming. But like Joseph who got his important directions regarding the Son of God through dreams, we must continue to hope that God will guide His people and that dreams can come true. May it be so, Lord. Amen.

God bless the Philippines! God bless you all.


Watch this, shocking truth revealed!

You owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to watch this Video.

Is this a conspiracy ? Up to your own judgment....

"For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." (Phil 1:21)
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