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Why the U.S. and the Vatican Must Be Destroyed
By Ben Fisher - Jesus Be With Us
Published May 21st, 2009

The Catholic Church and the United States must be destroyed as world powers for the one-world government or the new economic order to emerge.

Are you OK with that? If not, it’s time to continue your preparations (the 6 B’s ­ Beans, Bandaids, Bullets, Bullion, Buddies, and Bibles ­ more on this in another article).

A Little Background - Who’s Doing the Destroying?

If you haven’t heard of the Bilderberg group, for a free brief lessons click here, here, and here after reading this.

Suffice it to say the Bilderberg group includes the highest and the mightiest of the wealthy and political in this world. They meet regularly to plan out the new world order.

And they don’t shop where we shop. They don’t eat where (or what) we eat. They don’t worship where we worship. They don’t vacation where we do. And their children don’t attend the schools our children do.

Most of the places they shop, eat, travel to, etc. are places you and I have never heard of, nor for the most part stand a chance of ever experiencing.

To equal the wealth of some Bilderbergers, it would take millions of us working many years. That’s how wealthy they are.

Yet the Bilderberg Group is one among many planning the new world order. Evil likes to spread itself out far and wide, like a multiheaded snake, so that if one head is lost, the beast can continue its rampage.

How the Bilderberger’s relate to other one-worlders like the Tri-Lateral Commission or the Council on Foreign Relations are best described in Ted Flynn’s book, Hope of the Wicked. Trust me that other snake heads exist aiming for the same thing.

Included in the groups are small snakes like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, not one of the uber rich but a serpent willing to help ruin America’s economy so that he can take the crumbs from his masters’ plates.

Millions of lines of theories, wild theories, conspiracy theories, and WAY WAY OUT THERE theories have been written about the Bilderberg and other groups.

But one truth about the Bilderbergers was confirmed in a candid admission this week. As reported by the World News Daily,

Former British cabinet minister, Lord Denis Healey, one of the founders of the group, explained the purpose of (the Bilderbergers): “Those of us in Bilderberg felt we couldn’t go on forever fighting one another for nothing and killing people and rendering millions homeless. So we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”

Those two sentences are a startling confession to the Bilderberg intent:

1) The ‘powers that be’ fight among one another for power, ‘killing people and rendering millions homeless’ in this ruthless pursuit.

That’s been a truism since the beginning of kings, but it’s refreshing to have the superclass admit they think of you and your family as canon fodder for their power lusts.

2) From the goodness of their hearts, they ‘felt that a single community throughout the world’ would be a good thing.

That’s the one world government we’ve all been warned about. No scary surprise there.

But what’s really scary is how secure the conspirators feel to freely admit it!

Why the U.S. and the Catholic Church Must be Destroyed

Before one world government and the new economic order can come about, all competitors for allegiance and banking must be destroyed.

Currently there are four major world entities preventing the formation of a one world government and the new economy, because their populations hold strong allegiances to the entities, not to the one-worlders.

Entity 1 - China

China’s rise to economic, political, and soon military equality has been breathtaking. But atop China’s success are corrupt Communists looking to retain power and make money.

Two probable futures await these masters of China, one in which their nationalism and hubris lead them to believe they can defeat the one-worlders. They then seek to overpower the West and we’re either back into a cold or hot war.

Or second, perhaps their greed becomes all consuming and they seek to cooperate with the one-worlders to make even more money, selling out their nation of 1.3 billion.

Entity 2 - The Muslim Caliphate

The death of the Ottoman Empire last century saw the death of the last Caliph, a position in the Muslim world akin to combining the power of the Pope with the power of a political king: politics and religion ruled in one man’s seat.

Al-Qaeda, Iran and their allies seek to bring about a new Caliphate, uniting all Muslim lands into a single country/church. That is their ultimate goal, aside from bringing all of the world under the heel of Islam.

Many people are betting against Al-Qaeda and Iran, believing that the West will defeat Al-Qaeda through attrition, much like the 70’s terrorist groups faded away as the West overcame them. But remember, the one terrorist group the West did not overcome was the People’s Liberation Army, the PLO of Arafat fame. And neither did Israel, the country the West seems to be happy to let keep Iran at bay.

I wouldn’t count out the rise of a new Muslim Caliphate. And if it rises, the one-worlders must defeat it.

Entity 3 - The United States

The United States, a beacon of democracy and can-do philosophy, with it’s huge economy and military, WAS the single greatest impediment to the one worlders. Once the one worlders coopted Washington (see the Trilateral commission), they were able to advance their agenda for many years.

And the U.S. dollar served as a de-facto world currency, from which the Federal Reserve and its elite have made billions off of our backs by inflation. Basically, inflation is man-made, and the men associated with the Federal Reserve make unimaginable fortunes managing the U.S. dollar.

But now the U.S. is no longer needed, as much of the Western world has been convinced we are entering into a new age where national allegiances shouldn’t matter any longer.

So the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar must be destroyed.

Destroy the economy and the U.S. can no longer afford a powerful military.

Destroy the U.S. dollar and the one-worlders can implement a single, world currency, making money not only off the backs of U.S. citizens, but all world citizens.

It would be Satan’s dream come true ­ total economic domination of the world. And it’s about to come true.

The one worlders have almost attained their anti-US goals via four projects:

1. Destroy political allegiance to the idea of a free, unique America. This was accomplished through our public school system, where children have been indoctrinated that they are citizens of the world, not the U.S. Ask any U.S. high-schooler what is the greater good, a strong U.S. or total equality among all nations, especially Africa and Third-World?

2. Destroy the economic might of the U.S. so that it is not a leader, but an equal or lesser to other nations. This has been accomplished via Wall Street and the Federal Reserve, who are in the process of destroying our national currency and America’s economy (and here’s why you need bullion!).

3. Destroy the American family (or occupy its time). There is no stronger uni than a close-knit family. One-worlders have been hard at work for years to unknit the family, promoting abortion and the idea of one-parent families. They’ve provided welfare programs so that family members no longer have to depend on their kin for support, thus removing yet another family tie. And finally, for those families that remain close, the one worlders seek to occupy their time, either through entertaining distractions such as television and professional sports, or by destroying the American standard of living so that both parents must work so hard as to not have time, nor energy to oppose the destruction of America.

4. Destroy the U.S. military. It’s often written that we have the mightiest

military in the world, capable of anything. And while I TOTALLY support our men and women in uniform, think about this. In the same amount of time it took us to fight and win World War II against the Japanese and Germans, we’ve sunk more money and time into conquering and ruling Iraq, a second world country with no engineering capacity like the Japanese or Germans had! And the Iraq military and Arab jihadists are a pushover compared to the Japanese and Germans.

The destruction of the U.S. military is being accomplished in two ways. The ruling elite demand ever more expensive and complicated weapon systems.

And then they destroy our economic base.

We cannot have an champagne military and a light beer economy.

We can no longer afford our military and Barack O’Bilderberg’s new agenda of free health care, free mortagages, free roads, and free money to all the broke banks in New York.

Thus, the U.S. military’s dominance will be defeated without a shot being fired.

Entity 4 - The Catholic Church

Finally, the last obstacle to one world government: the Catholic Church.

For a one-world government to succeed, its citizens must have no other authority to look to than the one-world government.

The world rulers will provide moral, economic, and political guidance that keep the masses at bay and the Satanic superclass on their kingly thrones.

Yet the Catholic Church teaches what Christ taught, that the secular world is not the real world to which we owe our allegiance and souls, but that we are creatures and subjects of the Holy Trinity, and all honor and glory belong to Them.

So you can see, for the Satanic superclass to succeed, the Church must be destroyed. Both the Church and one-world government cannot live side-by-side for very long, since each is the anti-thesis of the other.

Hence, the ongoing attacks on the Pope and the Church, be it the frantic rantings for a woman’s right to contraception or abortion, or the dignified and cold stabs of atheistic science.

In many different ways, the one-worlders seek to weaken and eventually disperse the Church.

And they’ve made fantastic progress. Witness that over 50% of Catholics voted for Barack Hussein Obama!

The Final Fight Has Yet to Occur

You will know that the final stage of the one-worlder’s plans has been hatched when the violence starts. They would much rather a bloodless coup occur, so they could ascend to world dominance without the distraction of blood-soiled regal vestments.

But that’s not going to happen.

The violence against the rising Muslim Caliphate began directly after Sept. 11, 2001, a casus belli if there ever was one (and it’s still open to debate as to who actually WAS the cause of 9/11).

The violence against the Chinese will only commence if the masters of China cannot be convinced to share in the one-world spoils and want it all for themselves. Then war (cold or hot) with China will occur.

And in America? There is zero chance of a bloodless coup for the one-worlders.

The love for Christ and for freedom is still abundant in many parts of America. And those parts are not in the cities, but in the rural areas. And those rural areas are armed to the teeth.

Before America finally falls, the one-worlders must convince urban Americans that their rural brethren must be defeated and broken.

That’s Obama’s and the Democratic Congress’ job, along with Hollywood.

Once they convince the cities that Christian America is in imminent danger of revolting, the one-worlder’s will light the match and the rural purge will begin. Remember that DHS memo a month ago?

That is, of course, unless Christian freedom fighters strike first as a group and rise up to relentlessly purge the evil affecting America.

So it is a sad welcome to the Second American Civil War, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

And as for the Catholic Church, we already know the ending to that story.

Though the church may be assailed and even evicted from Rome itself (one smart-bomb of sufficient size can destroy all of Vatican City), what ties the Church together is the Holy Spirit­a force who cannot be defeated.

Christ has already conquered death, the Holy Spirit has already been loosed upon both Jew and Gentile for two thousand+ years, and the prophecies in Revelation already tell us that God Almighty will eventually have His say on the final day.

So what are we to do?

I say don’t fear the one-worlders, simply prepare for the secular fight.

And fear not their Satanic master, the devil himself, for Christ has already defeated him.

Christ’s church will survive in one form or another.

The question is, however, will it survive in a free or tyrannical world?


"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)
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