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Last October 20 to 21, Tagaytay City played host to the first CFC FFL Young Ministries Mega Conference (MEGACON). Kids coordinators (and some kids, too), youth and youth coordinators, singles and singles coordinators from all over Luzon came to hear the continuing message of Lamentations – the message: "Lead us back to you, O Lord, that we may be restored: give us anew such days as we had of old." (Lamentations 5:21)

There was nothing of the usual sort – competitions, workshops, all night sessions – and instead the Megacon focused on what was important: God and our relationship with Him. Powerful and moving sessions were given by speakers on fire with the grace of God – Patrick Oconer, Jepoy Meneses and Joseph Tesoro. Breakout sessions for Singles, Youth and Kids were also given to see how we can move on specifically to those ages.

It was a great weekend of hope, joy and seeing the true message of lamentations. That even in our suffering and tribulation, we still have a God who is taking care of us every step of the way.

Contributed by:

F. Xavier X. S. Padilla

I have never been absent in any conference since I joined SFC (1999) be it MMLC or the ILC.

Usually, the speakers and the sharers have maximum impact on me. During the Mega Conference in Tagaytay, it was seeing the Full Time Volunteers playing with the kids that had impact on me.. It was seeing the service team secure their posts well so they can join in the worship or attend the Mass. They were actually part of the conference! This gave the speakers credibility. Why? It is because the speakers were trying their best to re-focus everyone to God. They said that our lives and service is actually all about God. There was even a strong emphasis on relationships.

Therefore, the service team's joining in the worship and actually being there affirms what the speakers said. It made a great impact on me because the whole conference is a celebration for God and with God. It is not just a show the service team was running.

Since they had the time to talk to us participants and smile a lot too, the event was more relational than just work they had to get through with.

I never knew what I had been missing till I found it in Revive.


I was never a 'fan' of FTW's. I served with some of them before and they left a very bad taste in the mouth. After Revive, I now see what true missionaries are like and they are in our midst! You are now in my VIP list, as in Very Inspiring People.

Contributed by:

Chelo De Pedro

Three sisters spent the night at my place so we can leave early for Tagaytay the next day for the first ever Mega Conference of CFCFFL. We excitedly prepared our Hip-hop or Grunge outfits. We even had to do research as to how it was like apart from our usual corporate look.

When Saturday night came, we changed into our outfits and laughed at ourselves silly! The guard even had to check us out twice. He hesitated for a moment if he'd allow us entry. Success! The research was worth it...our look is convincing enough.

We struck poses here and there while relishing the cool breeze. No rush. No time to beat, just all the bonding moment we could soak up on.

The bands were awesome! I was hoping that there'd be some recording people there so they can get discovered. We danced like nobody's watching and sang our hearts out like no one else could hear. It was FUN!

We were snuggly tucked in bed after a midnight snack at 10:30pm. I thought the clock went dead or something but it was in perfect condition. It was me who was disoriented. It used to be that at 12:30am, we're barely done at the conference site.

After a leisurely bath and breakfast at 7am (what restful night, huh?), we chatted some more and even had a make-up session - as in cosmetics! To me, these are what beautiful memories are made of.

This no-rush conference is refreshingly relaxing. We have a word for its success--EFFORTLESS! I find this amazing since the service team barely had a month to prepare for it. In all this, I felt God lovingly taking care of me. I got to enjoy Him more. This is not just the God whom I serve because He is my Master; in this conference, I felt His friendship to be so real.

I had been refreshed and indeed, REVIVED!

Contributed by:

Chelo De Pedro

After the Revive MegaCon, we had fun at the picnic grove. When we were on our way to Manila, I tossed a question to the brothers and sisters..."What was it about the conference that struck you most?"

I was best able to relate to a sister who was most struck by the priest's sermon. Father said God hears our prayers but has reasons why it takes time. She said, she asked God to let her pass her board exam. When she didn't make the cut, she questioned God. I too have been asking God for blessings that seem to take ages to come. I am at the point of questioning Him too. When Father gave the sermon and shared the story of the three monks, I was humbled.

God knows me better that I know myself. He knows the best time for me. I am staying put because I may not see the answers to my prayers from where I am right now but that doesn't mean it isn't on its way yet.

The Revive Conference revived my faith and patience. I believe that the sister who shared so feels the same way too.

The Mass may have been the last but it sure made an impact!

Contributed by:

Chelo De Pedro

“Heaps of Faith and Bountiful Joy”
My Megacon Experience

As I attended the first meeting for the Mega Con and when we were designated to different committees, I had the felt that the people in the room were veterans to undertakings like this. But God will never truly allow a bit of complacency and pride to consume anyone of us. He placed us in diverse scenarios that allowed us to believe that He is the only one who can make the conference happen. As the days slowly lead us closer to the event, the following uncertainties beset us. There were the unconfirmed number of participants; anxiety over the lack of financial resources, and lack of manpower. But everyone facd these challenges positively. These problems were not new to me because we experience them in every conference. But the excitement and the serenity in my heart were unique. Everyone in the team knew what we were up against yet I felt that everyone had the passion to see this through.

The lack of manpower gave us the opportunity to be a family of workers for God in CFC FFL. It was not the time to just be concerned with one’s ministry, nor one’s committee, for everyone needed to be there for one another. I was honored to be part of such a team. Every one served not for excellence alone, but to uphold the truth.

I found my service as one of the stage managers a great privilege. Aside from the fact that I really find it a privilege to be part of the program preparations, I had the chance to have a first hand view of spectacle of God’s hand among those who attended the first conference of the Young Ministries. The sight of hundreds of people passionately worshipping God during every worship and Praisefest was undeniably amazing. But little did I know that God will allow me to witness a more astounding experience. It touched me to see that even the service team were present in the talks and in the worship. Truly, it is God first before anything else. It was humbling because everyone knew that the conference wasn’t just a piece of functional stuff but a time to personally hear and experience God’s words.

Affirmations weren’t the end goal of those who served in this conference. God was enough. But it has made God’s love and affirmation more real whenever we hear good feedback from the participants. One participant was touched by the cheerfulness and joy reflected by the service team instead of a group of stressed people. Indeed, God was moving powerfully among all those present. Anyone who was there would truly say it was an event worth treasuring.

I have that to say myself. It was really more than a conference for me. I was really affirmed that I am in the community where God wants me to be. I am blessed with a family of workers who value God first and foremost, and who are willing to give everything with faith and joy.

Contributed by:

Giella Garcia Sanchez


With my conviction to respond to His personal call for me to bring back my prayer life, serve Him with all humility and serve Him with my family, I decided to move on to CFC-FFL Youth about a week before the MegaCon. Honestly, the reality that I have moved on to a new community hasn’t sunk into my whole system; not until God brought me to experience all of Him during the MegaCon. The first morning of the conference, everything started to make real sense. That morning, as I saw the big crowd with several new faces along with the long tarp of CFC-FFL (with the new logo) hanging at the stage, I started to tell myself over and over again that the split in our community is real, that CFC-FFL is real, that I had chosen to venture and dive into an unknown deep ocean and that I have already started to gone off shore. I started to sincerely realize that my walk with the Lord and my experience of lamentations mattered and was at every aspect life changing. I started to humbly admit that all of these are never about me, that all of these are about Him, and that all of these matter most to my God. That morning was the start of a weekend I will never forget.

God amazed me the whole of that two day conference. He never failed to bring me to tears the whole time I worshipped Him in prayer and songs as He kept on whispering how much He wanted my heart and all of who I am back into His arms. He never failed to bring me to tears the whole time He speak powerfully and personally through each of the talks, constantly affirming me that all of these are about His personal calling and His great plans for each and every one of us. He never failed to move me to tears as He constantly made me feel peaceful despite my countless doubts through the presence of the loving family, friends, titos and titas, and all the new brothers and sisters in Christ I met during that great weekend. Genuinely, I was brought back to the fervor of my first love with my God as I desperately prayed for peace and the strength of heart to accept His will. True enough, He granted me that serenity of heart.

The MegaCon was indeed God’s way of affirming me that all things will turn out beautiful for I am called for a beautiful purpose – a purpose whose beauty I can never fathom with my weak human understanding. I came to the MegaCon with so much unanswered questions. The whole weekend didn’t answer all my questions but each moment of it persistently reminded me of one certain truth that I am called to put my faith in – one truth that is more than enough reason to be still amidst the tempest – I AM HIS AND HE INEXHAUSTIBLY LOVES ME SO MUCH. And it is certain that such love would bring me only so much more than the best. Today, I joyfully and excitedly wait for all these and more that are yet to come.

I am called. I stand firm to my conviction. I am for Christ.

Contributed by:

Joy Aguila

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