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"My Wonderful Adventure"

Last weekend, I attended the 1st ever WKC with my mom and brother. I brought my digi-cam with me. We went there with mama, kuya arrem, ate joanne and ate dyanne through tita espie's mini van around 8pm last friday..

When I saw the place.. I said, "This IS really a big venue!" We were all amazed when we saw our accomodations. But ate joanne and ate dyanne were going to stay at ate vania's place, so kuya santi and kuya ej picked them up by almost 12 midnight.. My Mom asked,"Bakit sobrang ok ng lugar na'to?" So when we were all settled, when went to bed past 1am dawn...

The next morning, I wandered around the venue.. And I also took pictures of them. I went to the gym, the flower garden, play ground etc. And when the program started, I already had a lot of pictures.

The next day, the best part started. I attended the volleyball clinic, watched the fire hose bath, had a nice chat with my friends and a lot more. Aside form that, what I like most is the play "THE JOY ADVENTURE: The Quest 4 Real Treasure" Actually, I was the one who voiced over "Cheska"(character in the play) That day, I was so overjoyed!

But on sunday morning, all the pictures I got were all gone right after I took pictures of Travis and Kuya Enric! I was so shocked! I didn't even expected that would happen co'z those pictures were very FRAGILE to me.. I was so upset that time.. My KFL ate's and kuya's comforted me but it didn't work.

When the kids praise started that day, I no longer have any voice from all those screaming (n_n).. But I felt how much God really loves me that time.. I even forgot what had happened.

After the holy mass, there it started the Mother's Day Celebration. I was there to open the program.. When I entered the stage, tears had fallen from my eyes, co'z I felt so much JOY having my mother.. And when I gave her the rose (part of the program) I REALLY CRIED!

About 3pm.. many had gone home.. Truly, God gave me this special gift.. Maybe not only me.. He gave me this unforgettable adventure.. that was filled with JOY!

Contributed by:

Anna Mendelebar
CFC Youth for Family and Life
May 14, 2008

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