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CFC-SFL Destined Weekend

It has been a very exciting voyage for the singles ministry of CFC-FFL. Two years ago we organized ourselves into a group called CFC-SFL with the specific mission of proclaiming the name of God, His goodness, His majesty, and His greatness to the ends of the earth - to bring the CAUSE of CHRIST to single men and women around the world. The past two years has truly been an exciting journey, from the call of being ON A High during the World Singles Congress of 2008, to the Identified Conference where we declared and revealed that we are a ministry of CFC-FFL, to the next World Singles congress where we committed to live out the conviction of AMEN..SO BE IT!

During the weekend of October 10-11, 2009, we gathered once again, this time to claim our birthright, our destiny, and our purpose for existence: that we are Destined to Worship, Destined to Serve, and Destined to Witness.

The first ever leaders conference of CFC-SFL was attended by 308 Household servants from Metro Manila and Luzon Provinces. We gathered in the mountains of Tagaytay. It was a weekend of acknowledging the goodness, greatness and majesty of God. It was a weekend of thanksgiving for the privilege of being called, formed and sent, commissioned by Jesus Christ to bring the Good News to the ends of the earth. It was a weekend of declaring and receiving our birthright of living a life of worship, service and witnessing.

The Destined weekend was anchored on the life verse of CFC-SFL in John 15:16 “ you did not chose me, I chose you, to go and bear fruit. “

In Session 1, Joseph Tesoro led the singles through a powerful worship and a deeper understanding of living a life of worship. He reiterated that our Destiny is to live the life of worship and that worship life should manifest itself in our day-to-day life. It was also an opportunity to acknowledge the things that the Lord has done in our lives.

This was followed by two workshops, one about the Eucharist given by Fr. JP, and the other on Parish Involvement by Tito Rey Sotelo.

Tito Lachie Agana delivered the 2nd talk entitled “Destined to Serve.” He mentioned that is is our Destiny to serve God to the full, and that serving God should be manifested in all areas of our lives: family, community, and workplace. He challenged everyone to take every opportunity to serve God with our best!

The talk was followed by a re-commitment Praisefest where SFL leaders declared and surrendered to the Cross their commitment to God and to the mission of Christ. It was a night of letting go and giving up, of denying oneself and recognizing that it is all about God.

The last session was presented by the Servant General of CFC-FFL, Tito Frank Padilla. Tito Frank exhorted SFL leaders to speak about God. He stressed that the reason for our existence is to bring forth and push onward the mission of Jesus Christ, to bring light to those in darkness, to claim every opportunity to speak and witness to other people. The work is massive and 308 people can make a significant push to the work of God, just like the 12 apostles who believed and then claimed the world for God. It is the same call and the same spirit that the Lord has prepared to each one of us.

Tito Frank’s talk was followed by a powerful send off Praisefest led by JC Sarmiento.

We thank the Lord for a wonderful weekend. We truly brought home with us a lot of realizations as well as challenges. But with God by our side nothing is impossible. To date, we might still be small in numbers, but that doesn’t matter, for we know that we have a big God who is with us. 308 SFL leaders can make a big difference. The world needs God. And we are blessed to be part of the great work of God, all for His greater honor and Glory!


See you all next year in Lipa, Batangas! WSC 2010.

Contributed by:
Pat Oconer
CFC-SFL Int’l. Coordinator

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