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CFC-FFL and The Blessed Mother:
A Reflection on Subic Marian Peace Regatta

The participation of CFC-FFL District of Paranaque in the Subic Marian Peace Regatta last 28 October was another blessing for the community. As we commit ourselves as a community as devotees of the Blessed Mother, the event gave us a greater understanding and appreciation of the awesome love of and affirmation from our Lord Jesus Christ through Mary, our Mother.

Attending the coordination meeting with the organizer and the bearers of the other images and titles of the Blessed Mother, I found myself in the midst of women Marian devotees who successfully launched a similar event in New York a few years back. Everyone seemed to be excited though to know that CFC-FFL will be the bearer of Mary, Mediatrix of All-Grace. With practically three (3) days to attend to the physical preparations, I uttered a simple prayer: “Lord Jesus, this is for Your Mother. Lead us. Blessed Mother, may Your Son be honored as we commit ourselves to you.” And from then, blessings, or call it miracles, started to unfold.

A devotee from Ayala-Alabang pledged to provide all the buntings while a sister who’s sponsoring the Lady of Fatima provided the prescribed materials for the décors. Another sister, who just heard of the event volunteered to lend us the image of Mary Mediatrix, a replica of the one in Lipa and a special one - blessed and given to her by healing priest, Fr. Fernando Suarez. The brothers and sisters in our District household then took active roles. The décors were handcrafted with love by our brothers and sisters from GK Sison, a generator set for the carroza was provided by a brother, and fresh flowers from Davao were made available by Saturday afternoon.

By Sunday morning at the Subic Yacht Club, we saw the assigned yacht, quite a small one, already decorated. Our brothers and sisters who left Paranaque early Sunday morning then proceeded to decorate the carroza – another labor of love by our brothers and sisters who collectively poured time, effort and resources to come up with such a beautiful carriage for Mary Mediatrix. Just a few hours before the 1:00pm Regatta, the organizers called advising us that a bigger yacht will be provided. Not only that, it was volunteered by an American owner, a Protestant at that! This allowed a good number of our brothers and sisters to ride the yacht and join the Regatta.

The huge crowd at the Subic boardwalk is astonishing. The messages of Marian priests and the visionaries were very inspiring and touching, too. I also saw how people from all walks of life expressed their devotion to the Blessed Mother – praying in front of the images, wiping the image of Mary Mediatrix with their hankies, taking pictures with their cameras and mobile phones. The event culminated with a procession that ended about 10pm. I can only offer words of thanks and gratitude to brothers and sisters who have to travel back to Paranaque at such late hour of the night.

Frankly though, it was not all smooth and orderly. I had my own share of challenges to overcome at that time. And while in Subic, my patience and humility were tested - had a flat tire the night we arrived, my car would not start at one in the morning and had to buy a battery in the city. But the God’s mercy is never exhausted, He sent people to help us overcome each burden we faced.

Looking back, the three (3) days of preparation and the successful Marian even t are but miracles from the Lord Jesus through the Blessed Mother. I believe it is only when we humbly say “yes” to our Lord, the same way Mary said “yes” to God and became the first disciple, that we are freed from our anxieties and apprehensions. Mary, the Blessed Mother, is our way to Christ.

The event gave us an opportunity to know the Blessed Mother more and commit ourselves to her in true service and devotion. Truly, the way to the Son is through His Mother. And our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to honor His Mother.


Contributed by:

Bro. Jojo Dunglao
CFC-FFL Diocese Coordinator for the Diocese of Paranaque

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