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CFC-FFL Education Ministry


What is the CFC-FFL Education ministry?

The CFC-FFL Education Ministry, or CFC Education Foundation, Inc. (CFC-EFI), is the implementing arm of the Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL) in the area of education. It develops programs for and coordinates the education efforts of the CFC-FFL Family and Social Ministries with the CFC-FFL Work with the Poor, with the different parishes, private and public schools, day care centers, and barangays.

What is the CFC-EFI's statement of philosophy?

CFC-EFI believes that:

  • Children, whatever their color, race, creed, disability, or social status, are special gifts of God.
  • Formation and empowerment of families start with the young.
  • Every one has the right to receive quality education.
  • Education is not a privilege but a right of every human being.
  • Parents are the primary educators of the children.
  • Education to be relevant and empowering should be wholistic, with emphasis on the mind, body, and more importantly, the soul and the spirit.

What is the CFC-EFI's statement of mission?

The CFC Educational Foundation, Inc. will:
For the children and the youth:

  • Develop academically through one’s intellectual and emotional formation
  • Develop healthy interpersonal relationships with others built on a positive concept of oneself and a high regard for self as a Filipino, to serve as one’s foundation for responsible citizenship
  • Be witnesses of their faith.

For the adult members of the community:

  • Acquire skills towards functional literacy and livelihood development.
  • Appreciation of one’s responsibility for his own health and environment.
  • Develop academically through education opportunities and intellectual and emotional formation.
  • Develop healthy interpersonal relationships with others built on a positive concept of oneself and a high regard for the self as a Filipino, to serve as one’s foundation for responsible citizenship.
  • Be witnesses of their faith.

What are the CFC-EFI's core values?

All the work and efforts to carry out the philosphy and mission of the ministry are based on the values of being Pro-Life, Pro-Poor, Pro-Family, at the service of Christ through His Church and our Blessed Mother Mary.

What are the CFC-FFL education programs?

Childstart – B.A.T.A. (Biyayang Aral, Tanging Alay) Program
This program provides quality, values-based education as a sustainable way to reduce poverty and build a community. It epitomizes a community-based, sustainable, effective and scalable early childhood education program, which directly addresses the problems and needs of pre-school children, up to those in early elementary levels.

BATA Community-Based Early Childhood Education Program
CFC-EFI’s pre-school program follows the whole-person and integrated approach, providing children with activities that are based on their interests and level of growth and development. It puts special emphasis on home-school and parent-teacher partnership. It is enriched through curriculum development, teacher training and formation, and parent formation which EFI offers.

IMPACT (Empowerment and Mentoring Program for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers)
In order to raise children who shall live victorious lives - children who shall become assets and not liabilities, givers and not takers, children who shall grow up possessing the values they need to face the challenges of life with hope and joy – there is a great need to instill values and virtues in the lives of the significant adults affecting these children – their parents, teachers, and caregivers (“yayas”). This is open to private and public schools, subdivisions, and corporations.

Faith Enrichment Program
This program equips children, youth, and adults alike with the knowledge of basic Bible truths, so each is able to witness and spread the Good News and the Word of God to those who still have not heard and fully appreciated God’s immeasurable love and mercy.

Literacy Programs
If we are to work towards total community development, rebuilding our nation, lifting it out of the third world, and restoring the faith of the Filipino in himself, then education and livelihood are two very important components for nation building. The Department of Education (DepEd) is EFI’s support in this program, through the Alternative Learning System Accreditation & Equivalency (ALS A & E), of which EFI is a service provider, the Basic Literacy Program, and Project READ.

Project READ
This is EFI’s response to recent studies showing the Filipinos’ poor reading skills as a result of “low level literacy”, and from this stems poor learning (A Nation of Non Readers – Thus, as an advocacy program of CFC – EFI, its main goal is to spread the message to parents, educators, community leaders, politicians and business leaders to support programs and projects that prioritize reading in all levels. It aims to make reading attractive to children and youth where they have much to gain not just within the walls of the classroom but also as an enjoyable past time. The project likewise promotes the reading habit within the family.

Bahay Karunungan (BK) Reading and Literacy Center
BK is a community literacy center serving as a venue for literacy training, reading clubs, computer-based programs, story telling and shared family reading activities. It focuses on developing the culture of reading which strengthens the children, youth, and the adults’ reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. It serves as the hub and the center of all the literacy and reading programs of the community. BK centers are now set-up in the following areas: Baseco, Tondo (through HSBC, Sa Aklat Sisikat, and a group of Assumption alumni), Villa Paraiso, Paranaque (through Rotary Club and Lufthansa Technik), Sison, Muntinlupa (through Pru-Life UK), and Amparo, Quezon City. The NBDB and The National Library have been rendering their tireless support for this program.

Adopt-A-Public School (APS) Program
CFC-EFI is also a service provider of this DepEd program. According to DepEd, they have “the responsibility of securing resources to make our public schools competitive and is now calling on the private sector to serve as a major partner in the nation’s development and in the improvement of the public education system”. CFC – EFI’s contribution to this program is IMPACT or the Empowerment and Mentoring Program for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers.

Binhi ng Pag-Asa (Seed of Hope) Scholarship Program
This scholarship program does not only provide educational opportunities to poor and deserving students of the community, but it likewise shepherds the grantees by making sure that they attend values formation/moral regeneration programs offered by our community.

Special Education (SPED) Program
This was created for the exceptional group of individuals living in our communities. Its highest goal is for them to be fully integrated in the mainstream of society so that they may come to enjoy the fullness of life. It upholds the dignity of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and acknowledges their uniqueness and special needs.

TEACH (Teachers Empowered to Affect Children)
This aims to invite volunteers from other countries who would like to serve the poor in the Philippines for a minimum of three months. Volunteers do not only get to serve in our pre-school centers, but they may also opt to serve through any of CFC – EFI’s education programs for the whole community.

Work with Indigenous Peoples (IPs) and Muslims
There is great promise in our work with the IPs. It is a venue where the whole country can work together in providing not only education options, but other opportunities to preserve their rich culture. We have actively pursued partnership with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Indigenous Peoples-Southcentral Luzon (CBCP-ECIP-SCL) and with the Archdiocese of Bataan. At present, we are working with the IPs in Naujan and Bulalakao, Mindoro Oriental, as well as in Matalangao, Bataan. We are working closely with the Muslims in ARMM as we supervise the pre-school program in several Muslim communities.

Updated 12-28-2009

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