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CFC-FFL Work with the Poor


What is CFC-FFL's Work with the Poor?

The CFC-FFL's Work with the Poor (CFC-WWP) is one of the social ministries of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life living out one of its core values which is "living a preferential option for the poor."

What is WWP's statement of vision?

No one is in need. Every Catholic helping the least of their brethren, living out the spirit of the first Christian community where they shared things in common.

What is WWP's statement of mission?

Encourage every parish to have work with the poor, leading to massive work of poverty eradication/

What is WWP's Framework?

CFC-FFL's Work with the Poor (WWP) is an integral part of CFC-FFL's Social Ministries. It relies on the other ministries to provide the critical input in the implementation of its key components, namely, health, education, livelihood and environmental components. While the other ministries have broader applications in the realm of God's justice, they also focus on the unique needs of the poor.

What is the scope of CFC-FFL's WWP?

The scope of WWP consists of work in restoration communities, in mission communities, and member housing initiatives.

  • Restoration Villages (RVs) are contiguous areas of holistic development. The land parcels on which these villages stand are outright donations, owner-authorized for long-term (usufruct), or collective acquisition by the beneficiaries through some form of community mortgage. Thus, restoration communities are only being implemented when there is legal basis for land occupancy.
  • Mission Villages (MVs), on the other hand, are CFC-FFL's response to the needs of poor communities occupied by "informal settlers" (a.k.a. squatters). Through the years, various CFC chapters have adopted their own mission communities. While work in these mission areas consist mainly of evangelization, thus, welcoming many poor members into the CFC fold, material upliftment has been more in the nature of outreach, informal and sporadic. Infrastructure development in these communities are restricted or limited due to legal considerations. But the other development components, when applicable, are full-blown implementation, going beyond outreach.
  • Member Housing Initiatives (MHIs) are CFC-FFL's affirmative response to the clamor of the poor CFC-FFL members who reside in mission communities and the homeless, in general, to be accommodated in restoration villages. The initiatives result in the establishment of restoration villages for these members or the provision of stand-alone houses, as the case may be. There is a deliberate and positive action to accommodate poor CFC-FFL members into RVs.. When there are opportunities available, the local chapter head approves the transfer of qualified members.


Updated 12-28-2009

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